Obama staff to participate in Congressional hearings on homegrown terrorists.

By Jim Kouri

Spc. Abdo (U.S. Army) is a perfect  example of a radicalized American Muslim.

The Obama national security team has indicated yesterday  that it will participate in a congressional probe into  alleged threats posed by “homegrown” Islamic terrorists against military  installations at home and abroad.

At first it wasn’t known if President Barack Obama would try to appease  critics such as CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and other groups  that are against such investigations. However, with incidents occurring  throughout the U.S. involving homegrown radical Islamists, Obama’s  re-election campaign staff believe it’s best to cooperate with such  probes.

The House Committee on Homeland Security web page states that the  White House will supply official witnesses for a December 7 hearing on “The  threat to military communities inside the United States.”

The committee chairman, Rep. Peter King (R-NY), had led hearings earlier this  year on domestic Islamic radicalization, but at first King and others came  underfire by Muslim groups, the radical left and some Democrat lawmakers.

However, since the first session of the House investigation, there have  been several incidents involving American citizens who’ve become radicalized and  plotted terror attacks with members of al-Qaeda, Al Shabaab and other  groups.

The administration’s apparent decision to take part in the  hearings might cause some criticism from American Muslims and civil  liberties groups, but polls have shown widespread support by the American  people.

The December 7 hearing, which will be held jointly with the Senate’s  Homeland Security Committee, chaired by Independent Joseph Lieberman, is the  latest in a series hearings launched by King into alleged efforts by Islamic  militants to recruit and radicalize American citizens within the United States  including members of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Originally the Obama White House refused to participate in the  King-led hearings and did not send witnesses to the earlier King  hearings. Some Democrats on King’s committee also limited their  participation.

But on Friday the web site of King’s committee published a witness list for  the December 7 hearing that included the names of Paul Stockton, an Assistant  Secretary Defense for Homeland Security, and Jim Stuteville, a senior U.S. Army  Advisor for counter-intelligence and liaison to the FBI.

Also listed as a witness is Lt. Col. Reid Sawyer, director of a  counter-terrorism research center the U.S. military academy at West Point.

This time around, the lawmakers will address cases such  as Ft. Hood, Texas, attack in which an Army Psychiatrist Major Nidal  Hasan, a Muslim, shot dead 13 people, and the recent arrest of Naser Jason  Abdo, a Muslim U.S. Army specialist who allegedly plotted another attack  against Ft. Hood.

King’s previous hearings had sought to highlight alleged Islamic  radicalization efforts in U.S. prisons and activities inside the United States  of al-Shabaab, an al Qaeda affiliate based in Somalia.

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