Payroll tax cut: An attempt to Keep the ‘little people’ grateful for a government bearing gifts.

By Nevadastuu via Tea Party Nation

We as a nation are perilously close to the point of no return with regard to taking back our country from the elitist political class that Sarah Palin has so often warned us about. The latest nudge in the direction of total dependency on government came with the passage of the Payroll Tax Cut. It doesn’t matter whether it’s for 2 months or a year, the fact is that it’s putting a lousy $20 a week in the pockets of people that have jobs, many of them very good jobs, at the expense of an already insolvent Social Security coffer. And it’s not going to make a difference to anybody, except perhaps the elitist political class that hopes to buy votes with their magnanimous generosity with other people’s money. The economy will not be stimulated, and the workers will not realize an increase in their standard of living.


The best Obama could do to spin this meaningless gesture was to tell of the father in New Jersey who can now afford to take his daughters out for pizza every Friday night. Oooh, good one Barry! Yet that is good enough for many Americans. They’ll take whatever bone the government throws at them, and be grateful for it, believing that it is being offered out of a sincere concern for the plight of the average peon. The Republicans wouldn’t dare let the extension for that tax cut expire, because the Democrats would play up the ‘no new taxes on the rich, while raising taxes on the middle class’ mantra for all it is worth.


Adding insult to injury, this illusion of caring also offers an extension on long term unemployment benefits. This is the best part. Instead of passing legislation that creates jobs in order to put the long term unemployed back to work, (cut regulations, cut corp tax rate, dump Obamacare, dump the EPA, pass the XK pipeline, decertify public unions, open energy exploration everywhere, etc) the President and his cabal of power mongers prefer to keep the unemployed ever so grateful to their government, by paying them, indefinitely, for doing absolutely nothing.


What is most distressing to me about all of this, is that I am reading comments from many conservatives on FaceBook, who seem to be giving up, and resigning themselves to the idea of Obama’s re-election. These are not the Strong, Proud Americans of just a few short years ago, these are people who are succumbing to the brainwashing of the Obama Media Group, aka the MSM. These are Americans who have already become Europeanized. I want to take these people and slap them across the face and scream “wake up you fools”.


This country belongs to us. Not to Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and Boehner. Don’t ever give up the fight for the USA. We will win in November, no matter who our nominee is. And just as important, we need to replace the Bulk of the Congress with people like Allen West, Marco Rubio, Michelle Bachmann, and other true Tea Party Patriots. Stay strong, stay positive, and stay involved!


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