Gingrich on Sharia

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At the current rate, this could be the last presidential cycle where frank comments like this are not a crime. via Newt’s Right on Sharia – The Corner – National Review Online.

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was asked yesterday whether he would support a Muslim for president. His answer may have been one of the most important teaching moments of the long and difficult campaign season.

Speaker Gingrich responding by saying it depends on whether the candidate was “a modern person who happens to worship Allah.” Or “a person who belonged to any kind of belief in sharia, any kind of effort to impose that on the rest of us.” He rightly concluded by saying that the former would not be a threat while the latter would be a “mortal threat.”

Newt is absolutely right in making such a distinction. The danger we currently face from the so-called Muslim world arises not from the fact that people are Muslim, but from the extent to which they adhere to the totalitarian, supremacist Islamic doctrine of sharia.


Gingrich also repeated his earlier call for federal legislation to ensure that sharia is not practiced in U.S. courts. An appellate-court ruling last week in connection with an amendment to the Oklahoma state constitution would seem to preclude such an initiative.

Full quote via The Blaze:

“I am totally opposed to sharia law,” he added.

“If they are a modern person integrated into the modern world and prepared to recognize all religions that’s one thing,” Gingrich began. “If they are the Saudis who demand that we respect them while they refuse to allow either a Jew or Christian to worship in Saudi Arabia, that’s something different.”

Gingrich also pointed out that the Islamization of Turkey — once a country that prided itself on its Western sense and sensibilities — has resulted in a 1400 percent increase in women’s murders.

He added:

“I think we need a president who stands up, tells the truth, and rejects any kind of effort to impose on us a sense of guilt because we believe in our religion and we are prepared to tell the truth and I am totally opposed to a State Department meeting a week ago with the organization of Islamic countries who are seeking to censor any comment about Islam because I think it is a fundamental violation of our right of free speech as Americans…But within that framework a truly modern person who happened to worship would not be a threat. A person who belonged any kind of belief in sharia, any kind of effort to impose that on the rest of us, would be a mortal threat.”

Listen to Gingrich’s remarks on what he believes would be required of a Muslim running for the highest office in the land. Video courtesy of TPM:

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