What could go wrong in a second Obama presidential term?

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What could go wrong?

I remember a movie from 1969 named “100 Rifles”.  Burt Reynolds plays  Yaqui Joe, an Indian who robs a bank in order to buy guns for his people who are  being savagely repressed by the government. Set in turn of the century Mexico,  it tells the story of his flight into Mexico and his pursuit by an American  lawman. They eventually become allies and team up with Raquel Welch to take up  the cause of the Indians.

The funny thing about this movie is that it is the perfect doppelganger to  the Fast and Furious Operation that was recently perpetrated by the DOJ and  BATFE.  How so, you say?  Let’s rewrite the script a little, well, ok,  a lot!

Yaqui Joe, played by Eric Holder, a rebel leader robs the government to pay  for illegal guns for the rebels of another country who are savagely suppressing  their own government and murdering Yaqui Joe’s own people without fear of  prosecution.  Set in “turn of the modern century” Mexico and the US, it  tells the story of the fight against him and the cover-up initiated by those  under his supervision, and the struggle of one lawman, Darryl Issa, to bring  them all to justice.  It is eventually learned that the President has long  been allied with Yaqui Joe, and the two team up with DOJ official Patrick  Cunningham to plead the Fifth Amendment to avoid incriminating themselves in  response to a bevy of subpoenas House oversight committee chairman Rep. Darrell  Issa has served on them that will compel them to appear before Congress about  Fast and Furious.

What could go wrong with a plan to surreptitiously use federal moneys to buy  illegal guns and pass them to a known criminal element with a penchant for  murdering innocent people, selling drugs, and waging war against its own  government and all authority?  What could go wrong with a plan like  that?

Answer:  Everything!

One would think that since Cunningham has been the chief of the criminal  division of the Arizona U.S. Attorney’s office in Phoenix for the past two  years, he would be a likely person to have first-hand knowledge of the  operation.  Issa has said that he has information indicating Cunningham was  instrumental in the approval of the gun walking scheme.

Cunningham has been refusing to testify before Congress about  Fast and Furious.  It is apparent that Cunningham does have pertinent  information.  When someone pleads the Fifth Amendment, is has historically  been a sign that there has been foul play.

Two sitting governors, every major Republican presidential candidate, and  eighty nine congressmen have given or committed to actions that demand for Eric  Holder, head of the DOJ, resign.  This is the head of the government agency  responsible for upholding the laws of the nation.  Yet a major portion of  government has no confidence in his ability, and or his honesty.

At least 300 people in Mexico were killed with Fast and Furious weapons, as  was Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. The identities of the Mexican victims are  unknown. Allegations have surfaced that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement  agent Jaime Zapata was also killed with Fast and Furious weapons.

Cunningham is resigning on in late January to take another job.  One has  to wonder who would possibly hire a person who is on the verge of being the  target of a criminal investigation .

More than 1,400 of the weapons are still unaccounted for.

Two AK-47s from a gun shop in Glendale, Ariz., were discovered at the site of  the shooting death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry.  Terry was  killed during a Dec. 14, 2010, gunfight with Mexican bandits just north of the  border near Nogales, Ariz.

Now, these are the people, some of the people, that the current president has  put in office, Obama minions that have put their own interest above those of the  nation they are sworn to serve.  Barack Obama wants you to vote for him  again in the upcoming election.

Contrast this story and others like that of Solyndra, where some half a  billion US tax dollars were loaned on possibly fraudulent terms, with the  campaign promises made by Obama in the last election.  Did Obama actually  do anything he promised?  Or, did he do as he pleased, aided and abetted by  a Democrat-controlled Congress, in forcing on the American people a plan to  socialize a significant portion of the US economy, and possibly bankrupt the  government.

As I said, he wants to be reelected.  So, what could go wrong in a  second term for Obama?  What could go wrong?  What could go wrong with  continuing to trust this man?

Answer:  Everything!

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