In spite of his recent behavior, Obama is NOT a rock star – he is supposed to be a President and leader!!!

American Age

There seems to be some difficulty with “doing the right thing…attribution is what blame is…not willing to fall on the sword”…and the entire notion of personal responsibility going on in Washington D.C. If we could indulge you for only a moment, we’ve got some issues on our minds that unless we get some real backing – or put our ostensible powers of persuasion together for you – hell let’s not mess around with fiat anything’s when in reality we should be making ourselves right with the Big Man…Upstairs.

And we hate like crazy to be pointing these idiosyncrasies out to you simply because we’d much rather be writing about all of the good that happens in our lives and how well America is doing.

But we are far past that when the U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who legitimately is up to his eyeballs in this Fast & Furious…

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