The Liberal Bilge

As a nation, we struggle to verbalize our innermost feeling about race. The Progressives have succeeded with their main weapon of political correctness. Look how our modern lexicon has changed. We can’t call Asians Orientals, we can’t call Blacks Negros, we can’t call people attracted to the same sex as homosexuals but rather gays, and this is absurd. God forbid that you call someone crippled; they must be called physically impaired or challenged. The worst of all is that this Administration cannot call people that kill innocent civilians in the name of some ideology terrorist, they are called extremist. Remember that Major Nidal Husan’s act of terrorism was said to be violence in the workplace.

My point is that that we have become a society that is afraid to say what we feel because someone will determine you are insensitive to others less fortunate. Most of Middle America believes in…

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