Alert! We must act. Obama is trying to shred the Constitution again!

By Judson Phillips via Tea Party Nation

Alert!  We must act.  Obama is trying to shred the Constitution again!

We all know an Obama presidency is hazardous to freedom and liberty.   He is now trying to bypass the Senate and impose a treaty on America that could shred the First Amendment.


This is very urgent and we must take action to stop it.

What is this crisis?

The crisis is something called the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement or ACTA.

ACTA is an agreement that was signed on October 1, 2011.  ACTA is in fact a treaty but Barack Obama wants this agreement accepted as a “Sole Executive Agreement.”  Basically this means the constitutional provision that the Senate ratify treaties is thrown out and Barack Obama acts like a dictator.

ACTA is even worse than SOPA or PIPA.  ACTA creates a new international governing body which controls counterfeit goods, generic medicines and pirated copyright protected works.

ACTA gives Copyright holders the power to demand Internet Service Providers (ISPs) remove allegedly copyrighted material from a website without a court hearing.  It permits foreign governments to exercise control of ISPs in America.   Those who are supporting ACTA also want an Internet death penalty that would cut off Internet access for those who “offend.”   The only way to enforce such a mechanism would be to create an Internet ID that you must have to access the Internet.

Any claim of copyright infringement will require the ISP to remove the content from the website, without your constitutional right to your day in court.   Tyrants all over the world want to crush a free press and free speech.  Why would anyone think Barack Obama is any different?

Perhaps the most alarming part of this ACTA agreement is that it would create an international body that would supersede Congress’ authority.   Can you imagine having your rights for freedom of speech to be adjudicated by Iran and China as opposed to American courts?

Does anyone see the problems with this?

This is a Treaty not a “sole executive agreement,” so it must go to the Senate for ratification.  Even then, Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution gives the authority for laws regarding intellection property specifically to Congress and not to the President.

As we stopped the attacks on the Constitution by SOPA and PIPA, we must now see ACTA killed.

Call your Congressman and Senators about this today.  Your Senators need to demand the ACTA agreement be put to the Senate as a treaty so it can be voted down.

We also need our Senators and Congressmen to work to defund ACTA.   Congress must strip all funding for anything related to ACTA from negotiation to enforcement of it until we can get the Senate to officially reject this treaty.

Barack Obama does not like our Republic.  He would much rather be a dictator so he could simply do what he wants without bothering to ask we the people or getting the consent of our representatives.

Fortunately we still live in a Republic and America is still a free nation.

Call your Senators and Congressman today!

One thought on “Alert! We must act. Obama is trying to shred the Constitution again!

  1. Sure they abandoned SOPA and PIPA when they realized we understood the ramifications, and just as predictably they have substituted a new Globalist reach that they think we will not recognize is the same thing again. At least when Wikipedia and Google abandon the left and expose it to their millions of users that bulwark seems to hold.

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