Progressivism Isn’t Progress

By Michael Hume  Via Resources for Attorneys

Last week, the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was held in Washington, D.C. It surprised no one that there were several protestors on hand, trucked in by left-leaning community organizers… what did surprise some was the honesty with which a handful of those protestors answered questions from a conservative talk host’s representative.

These protestors didn’t know what they were protesting. They didn’t know what their own message was supposed to be. They said they weren’t angry about anything, or against anything. They didn’t even know what CPAC was. So why were they there? They told the interviewer they’d been paid $60 for the day, bused in, given a sign to hold and told where to stand. Who hired them? Their labor union. And they were happy to have the money, being out of work (despite the president’s insistence that things are now better in the “new” U.S. economy).

Can you imagine protestors from the 1960s being hired by their unions and trucked in to protest, say, the 1968 Democratic National Convention? If you were around back then, and experienced the passion and commitment (however misguided, in some cases) of those dissenters, can you imagine protests being conducted by people who had no clue what even they were supposed to be expressing, and who had to be paid to protest?

Things we used to think were outlandish are now business-as-usual. Things we used to do, or say, or even think, have now been proclaimed wrong and bad… and we no longer do, or say, or try to think those things.

That’s progressivism.

There are two basic visions of America’s future, driven by two opposing worldviews out there (and inside each of us). To the extent we (and our society) are dominated by our inner “Victim,” we see America as a mean game of winners and losers, and we want a huge, all-powerful government to control things and make sure everything comes out equally (and to ensure that other guy doesn’t get anything I don’t have, regardless of how much more he wants to work for it). To the extent we’re ruled by our inner “Entrepreneur,” we see America as a land of equal opportunity – not equal outcome – and we realize a government big enough to give us everything we think we want is big enough to take from us everything we have. Our Victimhood believes the government will make winners of us all… our Entrepreneurship knows better, and has seen how the Victim road leads to a world in which we’re all losers (unless we’re among the tiny percentage of government bosses).

The progressive movement was founded more than a century ago to slowly move us toward this big-government future, inch-by-inch, by “evolution” of our society. In other countries where a totalitarian, collectivist government was sought (such as the Soviet Union and Communist China), the radical transformation came all at once, through bloody “revolution” – the statists here, though, knew Americans would never suffer such an affront to their limited-government, Constitutional way of life, and thus they chose to effect the radical change slowly, over decades and generations.
That’s progressivism.

Progressivism is the method by which the statists seek to remove America as the last Constitutional republic on Earth (and thus the last obstacle to a world collectivist state). Regardless of what you might have heard from politicians about “the progressivism of the right,” there is no such thing; all progressivism pushes toward the left. Away from limited government, away from individual liberty, away from opportunity and prosperity… and toward total government control of every aspect of life.

There are several signs that the progressives are close to the goal-line in America. The election of Barack Obama in 2008, along with a rubber-stamp Congress dominated in both houses by the president’s own party. The ram-through of the “Obamacare” legislation which, if allowed to stand, will confiscate nearly a fifth of the U.S. economy into government hands while doing nothing to improve the health of Americans (and, in fact, slowly dismantling the greatest medical system in world history). The widespread sale of the myth of man-made global warming as a way to disparage private enterprise “Corporations are not people!” and promote a perceived need for government oversight of nearly every aspect of daily life. The seemingly-endless class and race warfare promoted by the government and progressives, to shore-up the dominance of Victimhood within the society. And the near-total takeover of every major opinion-influencing institution in the nation, from the media to academe to union leadership to Hollywood.

Things are going to get worse before they get better. If a Republican, even a “moderate” (somewhat progressive) one, wins the White House this year (and especially if the GOP ends up with control of Congress), it’ll stall the oh-so-close progressive movement… and the progressives know it. So expect “Occupy Wall Street” to heat up as soon as the fair weather returns to U.S. cities… and the ugliness, violence, and racism we saw on the streets when the weather was still decent this past fall will seem like child’s play next to what you can expect this summer. Obama and his party will have more than a billion (with a bill) dollars to spend in a fiercely mean campaign, so expect to be singled out as a racist and wealth-mongerer if you don’t buy the party line of Victimhood. (You should still start a business, if you can, and get smart about your investments as some small protections against the coming storm.) In a world in which paid, uninformed protestors have become unworthy of even a mention in the mainstream media, and in which wild power-grabs by the federal government draw nothing more than a yawn from Middle America, you can expect the progressives to stomp on the accelerator pedal. They’re close, and they’re very-well aware of it.
That’s progressivism. But it sure isn’t progress.

Michael Hume is a speaker, writer, and consultant specializing in helping people maximize their potential and enjoy inspiring lives. As part of his inspirational leadership mission, he coaches executives and leaders in growing their personal sense of well-being through wealth creation and management, along with personal vitality.

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