The Liberal Bilge

Attorney General Eric Holder testified about the gun-running program “Fast & Furious” to Congress today. He would not admit the program was a mistake, instead saying if he had to do it over again he would make some changes.

My first reaction is; how would Eric the errand boy know if it was run well or not? By his own admission, he doesn’t have a clue what happens outside of the cocktail parties and NAACP meetings or however he fills his day. He certainly isn’t spending it reading departmental communications, or being briefed on what his people do. My next thought would be that any admission of wrongdoing, any apology, or acknowledgement of misdeeds would result in civil lawsuits that would require the discovery of documentation and evidence that Holder and Obama do not want public. He is thinking still about CYA and wagons circled around the administration. Soros and…

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