Sandra Fluke tied to former White House Adviser Anita Dunn – What a Surprise!!!

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On Thursday, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly put forward the theory that Sandra  Fluke, the Georgetown law student who told Congressional Democrats coeds are going broke buying contraception, has indirect  ties to the White House – specifically through former adviser Anita Dunn.

On his “Talking Points” segment, O’Reilly said he believes the entire  controversy was ginned up to help the Obama Administration politically.

“As we reported last night ‘The Factor’ believes Sandra Fluke contraception  controversy was manufactured to divert attention away from the Obama  administration’s disastrous decision to force  non-Catholic organizations to provide insurance coverage for birth  control and the ‘morning after’ pill. That might very well be unconstitutional,” he said.

“Anyway, we’re having trouble tracking down just who is sending Sandra around  to the media,” he added. “It’s very strange. So far, the 30-year-old activist  has appeared on eight national news programs where she was not challenged at  all. Last week we called Sandra on her cell phone and invited her on ‘The  Factor.’ She didn’t call back. Very unusual.”

O’Reilly said that other than her cell phone, there “was no other public  contact for the woman.”

He noted that a man named Mike had “booked her on a few programs,” but no one  knows who this “Mike” is.

O’Reilly asked:  “And Mike doesn’t provide call-back numbers with those  to whom he speaks. So Mike, who are you? And why the subterfuge?”

He revealed that Fluke is currently being represented by someone from  the left wing PR firm SKDKnickerbocker, where former Obama communications  director Anita Dunn serves as a managing director.

He concluded:

There is no doubt in my mind, in my investigator’s mind that this woman, from  the very beginning, was what they call “run” by very powerful people. It’s not  an accident that Elijah Cummings, Nancy Pelosi, all these people, got her and  put her in a position to get national exposure.

But now we see, alright, that Anita Dunn and her firm have embraced her. Now,  she appeared on NBC 1, 2, 3, 4 times, CBS once, CNN once — no, five for NBC — and The View also. And each of these times, alright, there was a  shadowy booking process. Because I spoke to some of these people. […] She  appears, she shows up. Somebody pays for all of that.

So I’m going to say — and I can’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt, I think  I will be able to — that this was run out of the White House. The White House  ran this.

“She doesn’t have enough money to buy the pill at nine dollars a month,” he  said while talking to conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham. “But she has  enough money to fly coast to coast and all that.”

More on Sandra  Fluke at here.

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