The Last Civil Right

President Obama launched a website  for African-Americans for Obama.  I suppose it is safe to say that this qualifies as a  “blacks only” website, right?  Well, let us see here, I am black, so does that mean I have to accept the premise that because I am black I have to be for President Obama?  Well, I won’t; I won’t accept it.

I can only imagine what would transpire if one of the white candidates were to launch a website for whites:
WHITE PEOPLE FOR NEWT GINGRICH!  Do you honestly think that would fly?  I mean, conservatives, including myself, are already called racists and bigots on a daily basis, all because we disagree with the President’s policies.  Congressman Allen West can’t even make a speech without the Left questioning his black authenticity.  In January, Congressman West delivered a powerful speech to a Florida crowd aimed at President Obama…

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  1. I am saddened by the divisiveness in politics these days. No matter the outcome in November, I fear the effects will linger…

    I desperately needed some inspiration today, and I am proud and emboldened in my efforts to unify Americans knowing that I am in good company. Thank you Kasey.

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