Anarchist in Chief

Posted by J. Andrew Reid via Tea Party Nation

The Constitution is the law of the land. It was approved by the Continental Congress and ratified by the States. It is the document by which the States agreed to be bound together as the United States of America.   It is a fairly simple document but loaded with wisdom. The Constitution was controversial when introduced because many rumors and fears circulated about the meaning of this or that portion of the document. The Ferderalist Papers (sic) were a series of 85 articles  promoting the ratification of the United States Constitution written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay. There is no reason to be in doubt of the intent or meaning of the document because the Federalist Papers explained the logic behind and the meaning of most everything in the proposed Constitution.

The Constitution is the document which provides the structure and powers of the Federal Government and provides a mechanism called amending to make changes or additions (amendments) to the document. There is no other way to change or supersede the Constitution. The Federal Government was structured in three branches each with stated duties and powers and a list the qualifications for persons who will serve in them whether elected or appointed. None of these branches or the officeholders therein can alter the Constitution on their own. Not the President or even the Supreme Court.

If you hear someone say that the Constitution is imperfect, that it is a living document or is just not relevant today, beware because that person is either a fool or trying to deceive you.  The Constitution was written to govern man based on the Founders knowledge of human nature which has not changed for two thousand years and is every bit as valid today as it was when written. There can be no valid argument that the document is outdated because there is and has been a way to amend the Constitution but Congress has not sought to do that except on rare occasions, they would rather ignore it. Why, you ask?

The Constitution is not easy to amend, it requires a vote of 2/3rds of the Congress and then must be ratified by 3/4s of the States. The reason for this is that our form of government derives its power from the consent of the governed so a super majority of those affected must agree. Those who would would trick you with the notion that the Constitution is out of date want to change your rights in some way by simply convincing the majority party to vote for some Bill that says you do or do not have the right to birth control or some other notion they have concocted.

The Constitution gives the Federal Government certain enumerated powers which are the only powers that it has, all other powers are reserved to the States or the people. The Federal Government was designed to have as little impact as possible when it comes to your private life. The Constitution still says that but it has been ignored by your elected officials who have all sworn an oath to protect and defend that document and then turn right around and vote for bills which grant government powers that the Constitution says it does not have. Nothing, no one trumps the Constitution. If you don’t like what it says you must amend it and the people must, through State Legislatures, approve. If you violate the Constitution you violate the highest law of the land.

There was no way to pass ObamaCare without ignoring the Constitution because that legislation requires powers not enumerated by it but 60 Senators did vote for the bill and the President did sign it in spite of their oaths of office. It does not matter whether you agree that we should have National Health Care or you do not, trading your Constitutional Rights for healthcare is a deal made with the devil and brings you one giant step closer to complete loss of your freedom. This is not the first time Americans have been faced with such a trade. During the Revolution some people feared that we had picked a fight we could not win and suggested that we apologise to the Crown and put ourselves at its mercy. Bejamin Franklin (sic) famously said “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” That is good advice but I fear many will not heed it.

Your God given, inalienable rights are what every member of our military has fought and died for since the Revolution and much of that was traded for a promise of healthcare for the uninsured; a promise that may not even be possible to keep! What should our troops think of us when they come home from protecting our Constitution with their lives and sacred honor only to find out that we have traded away their rights and there is not even a job for them to come home to? We have failed them and ourselves by becoming complacent about the duty that freedom requires of us all.

The healthcare bill is not the only time the Constitution has been ignored. That has been going on for a hundred years or more, long enough that members of Congress seem comfortable in admitting that they pay it little attention to it when legislating. It has gotten so outrageous that some feel the Federal Government can do most anything in spite of the fact that the Constitution is still the law of the land; the same document that limits Federal power. Congress and presidents have assumed unconstitutional control over our lives to the point where they have taken authority over what our children can eat for lunch and, if ObamaCare cannot be repealed, over your life or death if you are over seventy and show up at a hospital with a life threatening medical condition.

In addition, we are constantly assailed with reports of courts that ignore the law and rule based on their view of how the world should be even if it means using laws of another nation or religious group and has even gone so far as to hold us and our military accountable to the laws of our enemies. As if all of this was not overwhelming enough, last week a recognized law enforcement agency in this country declared that it has probable cause to believe that the documents submitted by our current President to prove his eligibility to run for and hold the office are fraudulent.  Probable Cause means they can issue an arrest warrant if they can put a name to the crime.

A press conference was called to announce that there was sufficient evidence to arrest someone for the crimes of forgery and fraud and despite the fact that every news outlet imaginable was present, almost no one thinks it worth a minute on the national news. Meanwhile what does make the news is coverage of the “Occupy” movement, peopled by anarchists, socialists, communists and others who would advocate the overthrow of our government and who does this same president support? He supports the anarchists.   It would appear that our current President and Congress have more in common with the anarchists than they do with the people they took an oath to govern according to the Constitution and that consent of the governed has ceased to be part of the equation.

As in all states where anarchy begins to rule, things are going down hill quickly. The 2012 election may be our last opportunity to route the anarchists from government and save freedom for the world. We have allowed the Anarchist in Chief to go way too far already. No matter who the Republican nominee is we must get behind that person and work our hearts out. Once we get rid of the Anarchist in Chief we will have to keep the Republican’s feet to the fire. There will be no rest for the governed for many years because the Constitution needs our protection if we expect it to protect us!

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