Yes, America, there are many wonderful African-American Conservatives out there – not racists or Uncle Toms, but CONSERVATIVES!

Allen West Republic

Uploaded by newsninja2012 on Mar 12, 2012

I am tired of the american liberal media allowing their employees to create a framework of calling us racist and uncle tom. We are Americans too that love this country and want her to succeed.

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  1. I am so glad to see my conservative black brothers and sisters coming out in support of their beliefs! Don’t be shy! There are millions of you, far more than Obama will admit. They are NOT Uncle Tom’s or racist’s, but just good and decent hard working Americans. That’s un-hyphenated Americans. We are all Americans, regardless of where our ancestors came from. Stand up and be counted and WELCOMED into the Republican/conservative family. We know you are there. And don’t forget to vote in November. Together and united we will vote Obama out and then we can start to clean up this awful mess he is leaving for us. Thank you, whom ever, for this powerful video. Everyone in America should watch it.

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