Republicans: Black America’s True Friend

By Lloyd Marcus via Tea Party Nation

Black pundits say that to be black and Republican makes one a despicable race-traitor worthy of no-holds-barred punishment. As a black conservative Republican, I’m not frightened by this; it just angers and frustrates me.

My frustration comes from the knowledge that those claiming to have black America‘s empowerment and best interest at heart are the “elephant-in-the-room” problem. They lie to black America. Who are “they”? They are democrats committed to keeping blacks viewing themselves as victims. They are racist bitter black politicians with huge chips on their shoulders, seeking eternal “payback” for America’s original sin of slavery. These black politicians are rewarded by the democrats for delivering black votes.

So there you have it, black America: these are your so-called advocates. And how do they help you? They lie to you. They tell you that 70% of black youths dropping out of high school is not your fault. They tell you that prisons filled with black males is not their fault. They tell you that 80% of black kids growing up without a father is not your fault. They tell you that black genocide – half of black pregnancies ending in abortion — is not your fault.

They tell you English is too difficult to learn and that standards must be lowered. They tell you that blacks who speak correct English are traitors trying to be white. They tell you that despite the fact that showing proper ID is required to board an airplane and a za-gillion other things, requiring ID to vote will disenfranchise blacks. Thus, their message is that blacks are too stupid to acquire ID.

When I was growing up in the black ghetto of east Baltimore, several corners had grocery stores owned by Jews. Later the Jews were replaced by Asians. Huge families lived upstairs, and their store was down stairs.

The community resented Jewish and Asian store owners in black neighborhoods. I always thought, “Why?” These people did not receive a start-up check from the government. They took a risk. They rented in the black ghetto because it was cheaper. They worked long hours. Experience taught them to install a wall of bullet proof glass, separating them from their customers. Fourteen, fifteen family members lived above their businesses. These Jewish and Asian people were pursuing the American Dream the best way they knew how. What was stopping their black customers from doing the same thing? Answer: In many cases, blacks were relying on democrat welfare programs.

I hear you – democrat brainwashed fellow blacks yelling at me: Lloyd, you Uncle Tom SOB! America is racist, and blacks did not have a fair shot in those days!

Yes, racism was an issue in those days. But how do you explain the entrepreneurial success of black millionaires in Harlem in the 1920s?

Blacks have been congressmen and business owners in America since the 1800s. And yet, democrats continue to tell us that we are incapable of finding our way to acquire an ID.

Democrats and bitter, small-minded blacks insist on forcing blacks into their “black box”. They say authentic blacks must have had a “ghetto experience”.

When the Bill Cosby Show first hit TV, it was highly criticized because the sitcom black father was a doctor and his family lived in a nice home. I heard the same criticism of Diahann Carroll in her TV sitcom, Julia in which she played a successful black nurse – not reflective of the black experience. The Cosby Show and Julia were outside of the democrat-promoted “black box”.

In my youth, I met a black Master Swordsman. Excited, I carted him around to black community centers because I wanted black kids to see that blacks could be successful in fields beyond entertainment and sports.

Despite blacks succeeding today in almost every area of American life, democrats continue to portray black Americans as still getting-the-short-end-of-the-stick. Democrats promote an image of the authentic black experience as a majority in need of government entitlements, as people who can’t find their way to acquire ID – sitting at home watching Maury on TV, anxiously awaiting for the results of the DNA test to discover the name of Keysha’s baby’s daddy. This is the democrat’s black America.

This is not black advocacy or empowerment. It is demeaning, humiliating and crippling. Why can’t my fellow blacks see this obvious truth?

I am a Republican because the Republican Party respects my intelligence – no special concessions or lowered standards.

In the 1950’s, my dad was one of the first blacks to break the racist color barrier into the Baltimore Fire Department. The white firefighters rejected my dad and made conditions horrific for him. Still, dad won “Firefighter Of The Year” two times. That’s what I am talking about!

Given the opportunity, in their typical denigrating of black intellect, democrats would argue that requirements for Firefighter Of The Year be lowered to give my dad a “fair” shot at it. Lowered standards would have robbed dad of the dignity and pride of his achievement. Thank God such was not the case.

Dad, a black man, won Firefighter Of The Year because he was the best! Yes, I am a black conservative Republican and proud of it. All you blacks who think the democrats are your friends, wake up and smell the betrayal.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman –

Kasey’s Note:  Republicans have a history of supporting blacks while Democrats have a history of outright racism.  During Reconstruction, 23 blacks were elected to Congress — all Republicans. The 1st black Democrat elected in 1935.  After the Civil War, the 13th amendment, which abolished slavery, was passed by a 100 % Republican vote; only 23 percent of the Democrats joined in.  When the 14th Amendment, which acknowledged and granted blacks rights as citizens of the US, passed with 94% Republican participation; not a “single” Democrat voted for it.  The 15th Amendment, which granted blacks the right to vote, passed with 98% of Republicans voting for it and 97% of Democrats voting against it.  Democrats regained power in South after violently beating and killing Republicans and blacks. Read: History Of The United States Of America, Part Five

The Democrats have been far more racist than the Republicans or the Tea Party.  Thank goodness we have a large and growing number of black conservatives.  Many are seeing through the smoke and mirrors and also fear for our country!  Thank you Lloyd!


2 thoughts on “Republicans: Black America’s True Friend

  1. One of the best, most articulated arguments detailing the paradox of those that call themselves Black Democrats. The Uncle Toms are the ones right up under the arm of Uncle Sam pointing the finger at the independent blacks who actually care about their own dignity and self-worth not to be dependent on a handout. While corruption occurs on both sides of the aisle, it is undeniable that the Republican party has done more to uplift society (not just blacks) as a whole by reinforcing the ideas that this country was founded upon, hence the title REPUBLICans. DEMOCRAts want a democracy which always ends in dictatorship. I 100% agree with social programs that serve to help people out of economic hard times only when the citizenry fails to assist a legitimate plea for help. However, government-sponsored complacency has been the vehicle that the Democrats/Socialists have used to undermine the efficacy of the family unit and increase reliance upon the “omnipotent” State, ushering its citizens into serfdom. Well articulated, Lloyd. Most of my generation’s grandparents (I’m 25 years old) who are 70+ years old were Republican because they were INFORMED because they were proud to be able to read. How did we transition to being democrat so quickly?

    • Excellent Matt! There were times my sister needed ADC assistance as a single mother but, as you said, it was temporary and not something she really wanted. I wish more citizens, of all races, had the pride and work ethic we were all raised with. Thank you for speaking out as a black conservative – your parents and grandparents should be very proud!

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