We can’t afford four more years of this – if you have never been politically active before do it now – our future depends on it!

The Liberal Bilge

Marxism is a specific form of “Socialism” with certain precepts such as “public ownership of the means of production,” “material productive forces,” and One World Government.  Fascism is no less a form of “Socialism” while it does not actually claim public ownership, material productive forces or One World Government.

I don’t know if Obama thinks we will go from capitalism to communism to pure socialism as theorized by Marx. But rest assured, he wants socialism and confiscation of private property. We can safely assume he is a “Utopian” in the fashion of “One World Government,” or is he really more in tune with Orwell’s depiction of three world governments using each other as their “Bokonon.” It may be a difference without distinction.

Historicism, Behaviorism, Utilitarianism and Positivism schools of socialism may have joined the ash heap of history; but these ideas seem to form a cornucopia of vitals that make…

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  1. I mean Obama a Marxist? If he is Marxist, then why did he continue almost every single darn policy that Bush initiated? The only big exception is Obamacare, which would mean Romney is a Marxist too, as Romneycare is the same thing, only statewide instead of nationwide.

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