Holder Ignores Supreme Court Ruling, Steps Up Voter Fraud Efforts

By  via Western Journalism  March 16, 2012

On Monday, Eric Holder’s Department of Justice barred the proposed Texas voter ID law from taking effect. Writing for the DOJ, Assistant Attorney General Robert Perez claimed that the law requiring all Texas voters to present a state issued photo ID at the polls would “adversely affect Hispanic voters” because they are “more than twice as likely not to have valid photo identification than non-Hispanic registered voters.”

It is hardly surprising that Democrats hold nationwide antipathy for voter ID laws. After all, as it is the left which benefits from criminal misadventure at the polls, anything which tends to interfere with turning the votes of the dead, the illegal, and the non-existent into a Democrat victory must be fought with every resource of the Obama Administration.

The proposed Texas law and a similar South Carolina statute rejected by the DOJ last year were both victims of Eric Holder’s deliberately disingenuous use of the 1973 Voting Rights Act, which requires states or areas with “a history of voting discrimination” to have proposed changes to their voting laws “pre-approved” by the federal government.

The fact is, the Obama Regime used Section 5 of the VRA to mask its real goal of enabling voter fraud by claiming the proposed legislation of both states to be in violation of the Act’s aim of ensuring fair and honest voting standards.

And just as it had in the case of South Carolina, the DOJ barred the revision to the Texas law by completely ignoring a decision of the United States Supreme Court.

In 2008, the Supreme Court ruled the newly enacted State of Indiana statute requiring all who come to the polls to present a state issued, picture ID as legal and constitutional.

Described as one of the strictest voter ID laws in the nation, the Indiana statute had been opposed by a typical assortment of left-wing agencies which claimed its enactment would unfairly burden the usual victim classes of the poor, minorities, the aged and infirm.

Yet in the Court’s 6-3 ruling on the case Crawford v Marion County Election Board, even far left Justice John Paul Stevens agreed that the requirement that voters obtain picture ID did not represent an unfair or undue burden.

Writing a concurring opinion on the Court’s judgment, Antonin Scalia said “the Fourteenth Amendment does not regard neutral laws as invidious, even when their burdens purportedly fall disproportionately on a protected class.”  That is, as the law applies uniformly to all citizens, the fact that it might burden some more than others is not a basis for discarding it.

The Supreme Court clearly ruled that “…without proof of discriminatory intent, a generally applicable law with disparate impact is not unconstitutional.”

Free voter ID’s made available by the state to any American citizen who wishes one does not constitute a basis for a claim of disenfranchisement of Hispanics. But Barack Obama’s Department of Justice did not look to the Court for guidance as it is the “disenfranchisement” of illegals and others who should not be voting that actually BOTHERS Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and the Department of Justice in the first place!

From Obamacare to immigration law and voter ID laws, the Obama Regime is interested only in the exercise of power and control over the American public. By enabling millions of illegals to vote for Democrats, the left hopes to secure the legislative and executive authority it needs to turn a Constitutional republic into a Marxist dictatorship. Should Obama and his handlers succeed, voter ID laws would become moot as elections themselves will be a distant memory.

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5 thoughts on “Holder Ignores Supreme Court Ruling, Steps Up Voter Fraud Efforts

  1. Of course you ignore from the Supreme Courts decision that they clearly it only applied to the indianna case- and that future cases may draw a different decision.

    And despite its depiction as the “toughhest law in the nation” it offered free state issued Ids to all, and allowed those without an ID to cast provisional ballots and later “affirm their identity”

    And of course- unlike the Texas law, it did not except the only group that commonly has no ID that tends to vote republican- the elderly.

    And of course everyone realizes that in order to be elgible to vote- one must first register- and in doing so prove they are legally elgible to vote in the first place.

    • The group that commonly has no ID are those who are here illegally and then there are those who like to vote multiple times or from the grave. Why would anyone who is for fair voting laws object to a photo ID. Even most seniors have a photo ID which is required for certain purchases and drugs or to cash a check. Unions require members to show a photo ID to vote in their elections. Felons and illegals are not allowed to vote but can get a photo DL in VA which has easily abused motor voter registration!

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