YAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Strike it all down SCOTUS, take a Flame Thrower to it and watch it burn – Justices poised to strike down entire healthcare law.

Yes America, there is a Santa Claus!!!

The Liberal Bilge

LA Times

Reporting from Washington— The Supreme Court’s conservative justices said Wednesday they are prepared to strike down President Obama’s healthcare law entirely.

Picking up where they left off Tuesday, the conservatives said they thought a decision striking down the law’s controversial individual mandate to purchase health insurance means the whole statute should fall with it.

The court’s conservatives sounded as though they had determined for themselves that the 2,700-page measure must be declared unconstitutional.

“One way or another, Congress will have to revisit it in total,” said Justice Antonin Scalia.

 How can the SCOTUS support Obamacare? It is not or at least appears to not:

1) Comply with the Constitution,
2) Promote personal freedom, liberty, and responsibility’
3) Keep faith with America’s history, traditions, or ideological roots,
4) Provide a clean and direct business solution to a ‘must solve’ national issue,
5) Promote market based capitalism,
6) Generally considered…

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