The war on women! (How stupid does Obama really think we are?!?)

By Judson Phillips via Tea Party Nation

Does anyone really believe anything that comes from the Party of Treason or the hard left anymore?  No one with two functioning brain cells would believe anything coming from these clowns.

The “war on women” is the latest example of bovine scatology coming from the Obama Regime.  What is really going on?

If you listen to the Obama Regime, which is hard to do if you are either capable of intelligent thought or are not blind drunk, we hear about this mythical war on women from the Republican Party.

What is the Party of Treason’s idea of a war on women?

If you listen to them, women in America are staying up at night, sleepless, worried about where their next abortion or their next birth control pill is coming from.


Only a liberal could say something that stupid and only a liberal could expect real Americans to believe something that stupid.

If you are a woman under the age of thirty, you are probably more worried about your job than you are birth control.  For Americans between 16-24, the unemployment rate is a staggering 21%

If you are a woman between 30 and 50, you are probably worried about your job.  If you are married, you are not only worried about your job, but your husband’s job as well.  You are worried about your children and whether they can afford college and if they can, will they have a job when they get out.

If you are a woman and you are over 50 you are probably worried about your retirement, if you will ever get one and if there will be a healthcare system left for you if you have a serious illness.  If you are over 50 and unemployed, your chances of gaining similar employment are not good and doing so within a year of losing your job are almost nil.

Today, 88 million Americans are not in the work force.   At least half of those are women.

Contrast this with the last time the Republicans ran the government.  In January 2007, unemployment was at 4.6%.  Gas was just a little over $2 a gallon.  We had 52 months of economic growth.

Who benefits from that?

Women.  Men. Children. In short, everyone.

Who is suffering the most from the Obama, Pelosi, Reid axis of fiscal evil?   It is hard to say who is suffering the most but women are clearly suffering, as are men in the Great Obama Depression.

If you listen to Obama and the Party of Treason, women are all like Sandra Fluke.  They want $3,000 worth of birth control, but she does not want to pay for it and neither does her rich boyfriend.

Real American women are not spending their nights worried about their next birth control pill or their next abortion.  They are worried about putting gas in their car.  They are worried about the cost of groceries for their families.  They are worried about losing their jobs and losing their homes.

In short, we can thank the Obama Regime for the things that keep American women up at night.

If there is a war on women, it is the Obama Regime who is waging it. And they are not only waging their war on women, but men as well.  The Obama Regime wants to bankrupt America.

Women are the ones who are being hit the hardest and will be hit even harder if Obama is successful.  Every woman should remember that this November.


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5 thoughts on “The war on women! (How stupid does Obama really think we are?!?)

  1. There have been 1,100 bills introduced to restrict women’s access to health care access, not limited to birth control. And even if the economy is terrible, it doesn’t mean women stop caring about preventing accidental babies.

    • If you mean there have been 1,100 bills introduced to restrict taxpayer funded abortions, I support them. There are many privately funded options available and I choose not to support abortions. Otherwise, I don’t believe there are that many measures to restrict women’s access to taxpayer funded general health care.

      • No, that’s not the issue. The bills restrict not only abortion services (regardless of whether they’re taxpayer funded or not), but also do things like allow employers to deny contraception coverage unless the pills are taken for non-contraceptive reasons, as is proposed in Arizona. Also, the women in question have to pay a fee for this service.

        It’s hard to list 1,100 bills in order, but one example is in Texas where over 100,000 women will lose access to all sorts of health services, because certain health providers were excluded from the program, even though those clinics were not performing abortions at all. Plenty of them will end up dead if they face any life-threatening emergency but have no means of treating it.

        I expect (since you didn’t believe me in the first place) that you won’t believe it, so just look up “1100 contraception restrictions” and you’ll see. The fact that some of them were related to abortion (again, regardless of whether it’s taxpayer funded or not) doesn’t eliminate the problem.

  2. I’m sorry, but instead of looking at articles like those coming up when you search “1100 contraception restrictions,” which clearly is biased. How about talking to health care providers and insurance companies? How about actually reading the bills you are attempting badly, to recite, in their entirety and then how about researching who authored the bill and what the reasoning was behind its orchestration. If you take the time to do this, and then communicate to the congressman and senators that you elected to represent your issues to both make sure they are heard, as they are bound to do, and then to check on them in the public posted records of how they vote, to make sure that they are doing what they are supposed to do..because they are the ones that are to act in your stead and you are to make sure they do or vote them out via communication and petitions etc.. If the govt doesn’t work for is your fault..because our govt is run by the people , for the people, unless the “people” do not do their job and know their laws, do their research, communicate and stand up for all people ..not just their own positions…united we stand..divided we fall… I always read the bills before I believe what i read about them..I can tell you, including obamacare’s 2000 page bill…what you read about them, is not what is read within them and that is why legislatures, who read the bills, vote them down and that is why, people who do not read them, can be fooled by the ones who do when they tell them untruths or incomplete truths about the contents. I do not expect the govt to pay for my contraception..I can take care of myself. I also do not expect other taxpayers to pay for things that I feel I want or need..I can take care of that and I do not expect others to pay for things that they do not feel right about doing via their taxes and I insist that I do not have to do that as well. There is no war on women, accept since 2009 55 million women (Obama’s policies) have lost their careers and jobs while only 5,700 men have along the same categories! Now that’s a war on women and you should research your facts and not believe media hype or politicians rants without verifying them. If they don’t give you statistics you can verify…there are none..or they would have given them to you to substantiate their positions even more…consequently, if there are no facts to verify, ensuring that you are being told the complete truth, then you are not being told the truth. With the is easy to check the facts at all the government public postings they have always had to maintain to inform taxpayers under taxpayer laws. Get informed and stand together…it is not us at stake, it is not women or men at stake..or your position or mine, at is the future of our children and granchildren. Women have always been the ones who lead in this perspective and protected the future of our country…Worry about what world our children and opportunities they will forfeit while you are worried about others paying for contraceptives or abortions! Lets get smarter..and more informed…and look at the big picture..and quit being played!

    • Thank you for your comments, however, the point of the article was that women have many concerns in today’s economy and political atmosphere, not the 1100 bills regarding women’s reproductive rights which was a comment by a viewer. Obama was trying to portray women as only being concerned about how their birth control pills will be paid for instead of the real problems they face regarding jobs, homes, gas prices, taxes and their families. The article has nothing to do with bills pending in various legislatures.

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