Border agent indicted for violating illegal alien’s rights

By  via The Examiner

In almost total secrecy, the Obama Justice  Department has charged a U.S. Border Patrol agent, Luis Fonseca,  for depriving the rights of a yet to  be identified illegal alien at the Border Patrol  station located on Imperial Beach, California, last July. Fonseca, however, was not indicted until a  week ago.

Agent Fonseca, 32, allegedly kneed and choked an  unidentified alien during his tour near the Mexican border last  summer. During his arraignment on Monday April 16, he entered a not  guilty plea.

A grand jury had handed down the indictment on April  12, but details were withheld and the DOJ neglected to promulgate why  the legal action was taken against the Border Patrol agent, according to  an “Inside-the-Beltway” public-interest group that investigates and  exposes government corruption and misconduct.

“Border Patrol Agent Fonseca kneed and choked an  unidentified alien, depriving him of the right under the Constitution and the  laws of the United States to be free from use of unreasonable force by a law  enforcement officer,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office said in a statement. “The  indictment also alleges as a result of the use of unreasonable force the  individual sustained bodily injury.”

According to Department of Justice’s records, a federal grand jury indicted Fonseca on a single  charge of deprivation of rights under color of law. The charge, a civil  rights violation, carries a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment.

The case is problematic for a variety of reasons, not the  least of which is the government’s secrecy surrounding details. In the one-page  indictment the illegal immigrant is identified only as “UA#1.” The document also claims that, as a result of the use of “unreasonable force” the undocumented alien sustained some kind of “bodily  injury” yet no further details are provided, according to Judicial Watch‘s Corruption Chronicles.

“The grand jury indictment is dated April 12, 2012 which  means the feds dragged their feet, probably because they knew it was a weak  case,” stated the Judicial Watch’s entry .

Fonseca was arrested on Friday during a shift at the Border  Patrol’s Imperial Beach station and is currently on paid leave. He pleaded not  guilty in federal court this week, according to DOJ records.

According to the federal prosecutor handling the case, “People detained at the border should be treated with human dignity and respect  by federal agents. It is important for the public to know that the Department of  Justice takes alleged civil rights violations seriously. We have processes in  place to investigate and will take action where appropriate to protect those  rights.”

Many law enforcement professionals are highly suspicious of  this latest case of a Border Patrol agent being “dragged into court by the Obama  Justice Department.

“It’s clear that Obama’s  sympathies are with the illegal aliens entering the U.S. He’s all but told U.S.  immigration and border officials to stop enforcing the law. This is just another  message from the Obama Administration to Border Patrol and Immigration and  Customs Enforcement agents to not be too zealous in doing their jobs,” claims  former New York City Detective Jeff Knudson.

On top of the DOJ’s actions against Fonseca, — himself a Latino — the Department of Homeland Security Office of the  Inspector General is also investigating the matter.

“Perhaps when that report is finished, more information  will be revealed to the public. For instance, the victim’s identity and the  exact bodily injury that he or she supposedly suffered at the hands of the  Border Patrol agent accused of committing the choking and kneeing,” states the Judicial Watch posting.

The U.S. government has worked hard to protect illegal  immigrants and their “constitutional” rights in the last few years. This has  empowered them to file a number of lawsuits against local and federal law  enforcement agencies for violating their rights. In Connecticut a group of illegal aliens sued the government for violating their  constitutional rights during the operation that led to their apprehension.

In New York an illegal immigrant with a lengthy criminal record got a  $145,000 settlement from the state for having his civil rights violated during  one of his many arrests. In Maryland an illegal immigrant from El Salvador for  unlawfully and unconstitutionally detaining her based on race and in  California illegal aliens sued a city for banning them from seeking  work on public streets.

The Law  Enforcement Examiner has in the past exposed President Barack  Obama’s illegal-alien relatives,  one of whom was arrested for drunk driving  in Massachusetts.

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4 thoughts on “Border agent indicted for violating illegal alien’s rights

  1. What the hell is wrong twith this country? A country without borders is no longer a country. I resent the apparent fact that I, who was born here, apparently have equal or lesser rights than a crook who is inside my borders illegally! Check out Mexican immigration laws, I suggest we apply the same rules to them here. GO HOME.

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