Obama lets more of our secrets slide away!

By Judson Phillips via Tea Party Nation

Well, there is more good news on the Iranian front.  They have reverse engineered the stealth drone that Obama let fall into their hands back in December.

From the Blaze:

Iran claimed Sunday that it had reverse-engineered an American spy drone captured by its armed forces last year and has begun building a copy.

Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, chief of the aerospace division of the powerful Revolutionary Guards, related what he said were details of the aircraft‘s operational history to prove his claim that Tehran’s military experts had extracted data from the U.S. RQ-170 Sentinel captured in December in eastern Iran, state television reported.

Among the drone’s past missions, he said, was surveillance of the compound in northwest Pakistan in which Osama Bin Laden lived and was killed.

Tehran has flaunted the capture of the Sentinel, a top-secret surveillance drone with stealth technology, as a victory for Iran and a defeat for the United States in a complicated intelligence and technological battle. A report from the country’s official Fars News Agency mocked President Barack Obama, saying he had begged the country “to give him back his toy plane.”

U.S. officials have acknowledged losing the drone. They have said Iran will find it hard to exploit any data and technology aboard it because of measures taken to limit the intelligence value of drones operating over hostile territory.

Hajizadeh told state television that the captured surveillance drone is a “national asset” for Iran and that he could not reveal full technical details. But he did provide some samples of the data that he claimed Iranian experts had recovered.

Back in December, Obama had a chance to avoid this disaster.  He had the chance to order a missile strike or an air strike to destroy the stealth drone before the Iranians captured it but refused to do so.

Obama seems to have this weird idea that if America has secrets, we should make sure that our enemies know what they are.  The Obama Regime publicized our techniques for interrogation so that our enemies would know how to prepare for them.  They released information about Israel using bases in Azerbaijan for a possible strike against Iran and Obama has talked about giving the Russians access to classified information about our missile interceptors.

Odds are, within hours of the drone being recovered by the Iranians, the Russians and Chinese were getting a look at some of our most sophisticated technology.

Good job Obama.

As Iran, the Russians and the Chinese now use the information we allowed to fall into their hands, perhaps real Americans can use the information we are learning about the Obama Regime to throw him out of office in November.

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