South Carolina’s “Holy Islamville” – Another Terrorist Hotbed?

By RYAN  MAURO via Family Security Matters

Flag-map of South Carolina

It was founded in 1982 by a group called Muslims of the Americas (MOA),  led by the aforementioned Gilani. The Department of Homeland Security says  it is linked to Jamaat  ul-Fuqra, a Pakistani militant group also led by Glani. The State Department  describes ul-Fuqra as “an Islamic sect that seeks to purify Islam through  violence.”

Fuqra was behind many assassinations and bombings between 1979 and the early  1990s. Its biggest plot aimed to kill 4,500 Indians in Toronto during the  Festival of Lights in 1991. Its destructive capacity first caught the FBI’s  attention in 1989 because of a raid on a storage locker in Colorado Springs.  They discovered weapons and plans for various attacks, including a scheme to  murder Imam Rashad Khalifa in Arizona in 1990. They succeeded, killing him  exactly as the seized papers said they would. Two Fuqra members were allegedly involved  in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and dramatic plots against New York  City.

In October 1992, Fuqra’s 101-acre compound at Buena Vista, Colorado was shut  down. The authorities discovered it was a full-blown terrorist training camp.  The members financed their efforts through a web of fake companies and various criminal  activities. A poem by Gilani was found that reads: “Come join my troops and  army/Says our Sheikh Gilani/Prepare to sacrifice your head/A true believer is  never dead/Say ‘Victory is in the Air’/The kafir’s blood will not be spared.”  That’s the sheikh who the residents of Islamville and the other MOA compounds  view as a representative of Allah that meets with Jesus in heaven, heals  diseases, transforms into animals, instantly transports and leaves his body at  will.

The MOA says it has 22 “villages” around the country, with its Islamberg  headquarters in Hancock, New York being the most notorious. In a secret  recruitment tape made by Gilani, he states the purpose of these villages: “We  are establishing training camps.” He tells viewers that they “are most welcome  to join one of the most advanced training courses in Islamic military warfare”  by contacting the group’s offices in Pakistan or several locations in the U.S.,  including South Carolina. That’s Islamville.

The video then shows the type of training being offered: Hijacking vehicles,  use of firearms, hijacking vehicles, setting off explosives, etc. Gilani makes  it clear that he isn’t just focused on Kashmir. “We are fighting to destroy the  enemy. We are dealing with evil at its roots and its roots are America,” he  says. Excerpts from the tape were first released in a film titled Homegrown  Jihad and later in The Third  Jihad.

The tape was dismissed by some because of its old age and the fact that it  was filmed in Pakistan. A law enforcement source later provided me with two more  of the MOA’s films. The first showed women living at Islamberg in New York  training in guerilla warfare, complete in military fatigue. The second is a  propaganda tape where MOA leaders declare America a Muslim country and vow to  defend it from foreign and domestic enemies. I gave the films to the Christian  Action Network to release to the  public.

I then was contacted by a source that offered to record gunfire coming out of  Islamville. The first two recordings arrived in November 2009 (click here  and here). There are five from March  6, 2011 (click here, here, here, here  and here). Four more were taken on May  4, 2011(click here, here, here, and here).  On January 26, 2012, two explosions were heard coming from Islamville at around  4:30 PM. This was followed by gunfire 20 minutes later. On February 11, a louder  explosion that shook the homes of neighbors at 2:50 PM was reported to police.  The neighbors called each other and none could explain what happened. On April  6, there were two explosions at around 2:10 PM, described as being the loudest  yet, the source reported.

One neighbor told  the Charleston Post and Courier that he has seen a guard carrying an  AK-47 and hears gunfire at night. Another said  she has seen AK-47s and M-16s being carried by Islamville residents in the  words. This is especially concerning when you consider the criminal records of  some of those that have lived there.

In 1971, a man named Frank Nelson shot a security guard at a Long Island  college. He wasn’t arrested until September 2005 when he was found  living right next to Islamville. He had converted to Islam and changed his name  to Abdullah Ali. In 1996, a man named Edward Flinton was arrested  at Islamville. He had masterminded Fuqra’s attempted bombing of a hotel in  Portland in 1983, a 1984 bombing of a Hare Krishna temple in Denver and the  murder of Imam Khalifa in 1990. A registered  sex offender also lived  in Islamville as of 2007 but is now in Georgia.

The children at Islamville and other MOA compounds are homeschooled.  Islamville shares an address with a school called the Ace Academy, a mosque  named Masjid Fatimah and a company called Al-Oasis Tech. What are the children  being taught?

MOA believes that “jinn beings” loyal to the “Satanist-Zionist conspiracy”  take over the minds of influential Westerners in order to wage war on Muslims.  Movies like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Avatar, Lord  of the Rings and The Exorcist are used  as conduits to corrupt minds. Gilani teaches that “Jews are examples of human  Satans,” refers  to Osama Bin Laden as a “Saudi activist,” and his group is adamant  that 9/11 was a Jewish conspiracy. The MOA’s newspaper favorably  compares Iranian President Ahmadinejad to the Mahdi for his statements  regarding 9/11. The children at the Colorado camp that was shut down were given  paramilitary training.

MOA has had an astonishing amount of success in building relations with the  media, elected officials and law enforcement personnel. The group’s  interfaith front, the United Muslim Christian  Forum, is endorsed by Binghamton Mayor Matthew T. Ryan and Owego Mayor  Edward Arrington. It just held its  7th annual event at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, S.C. on April 21.

I attended its last event on April 16, 2011, where I confronted the leader of  MOA’s “village” at Red House, Virginia. You can read about that here.  York Mayor Eddie Lee and the York County Sheriff have attended Islamville events.  In 2004, an FBI Special Agent in Charge spoke at the ceremony of Islamville’s  Muslim Scouts of America, as is shown  on its website. About 300 Boy Scouts attended  a camp in Islamville in 2006.

The MOA ideology’s of basically worshipping Gilani is at odds with the Muslim  Brotherhood, but there is evidence of a connection. In 1974, a non-profit named  “Ikhwanul Muslimun” was registered as a church. That means, “Muslim  Brotherhood.” If you enter that name into a search engine, the only organization  that pops up is the Muslim Brotherhood. The contact name for it is a  person who lives at Islamberg.

A Muslim Brotherhood strategy document in 1991 describes the group’s phased  plan for jihad in America. Phase 4 includes “training on the use of weapons  domestically.” It said that there are “noticeable activities in this regard.”  Was it referring to MOA? I’m not aware of any other Muslim paramilitary training  centers, especially in 1991.

South Carolinian officials need to understand what Islamville really is.

This article is sponsored by the The Institute on Religion and  Democracy.

Ryan  Mauro is Family Security Matters’ national security analyst. He  is a fellow with, the founder of and a  frequent national  security analyst for Fox News Channel. He can be contacted at

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