“Failed” Policies? (“Forward” looking President blaming Bush again!)

By Judson Phillips via Tea Party Nation

This is beyond rich.  Barack Obama began his reelection campaign today by blasting the “failed” policies of George W. Bush.

Does he really want to make this campaign about blaming Bush?

From The Hill:

In order to move “forward,” the Obama campaign reached backward on Saturday, trying to rekindle the magic of the 2008 campaign.

For the second time on Saturday, during his second official campaign rally, President Obama sought to push a new campaign slogan “Forward,” telling those gathered at Virginia Commonwealth University that the country can’t afford to elect Mitt Romney and move backward to the Bush administration’s “failed” policies.

“Virginia, we’ve gotta move forward to the future you imagined in 2008,” Obama said, standing near a large banner that read “Forward,” before a crowd of 8,000 people, who held signs saying “Not Back” in a packed gymnasium. “Virginia, I’m here to say, we were there, we remember and we’re not going back.”

The reelection campaign aimed to remind voters about the winning campaign in 2008.

Like he did at the Columbus, Ohio, rally earlier in the day, Obama reminded voters that he still believes in “hope and change.”

Obama told the crowd that when people ask what this campaign is about, “You tell them it’s still about hope. You tell them it’s still about change.”

The president also aimed to land some direct hits on his likely opponent Mitt Romney — on everything from foreign policy to the way he would handle the economy — something he had largely avoided until Saturday.

Obama said the U.S. cannot afford to “refight the battles” on health care, economic reform and women’s rights.

The U.S. will spend “the next four years going backward” on issues of abortion rights and birth control if Romney is elected in November, according to the president. “We are not turning back the clock, we are going forward,” Obama said to thunderous applause.

Okay, do we want to go back to the way things were?

In 2006, unemployment was 4.6%.  The economy had grown jobs for 52 consecutive months.  Gas was around $2 a gallon.

Today, the unbelievable official unemployment rate is 8.1%.  The only way you get that is by removing the discouraged workers who are no longer seeking jobs.  Today only 64% of Americans are in the work force.  At least 9 million jobs have disappeared since the Democrats took over.

Let’s see.  On one hand we have the Great Obama Depression and the other hand we had the Bush prosperity.

Yes, I think I do want to go back.  Quickly!

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