The Ramey Commentaries–On The Obama Same Sex Controversy

If more people voted with their values and morals, this country just might get back on track. I don’t just mean the Presidency either – EVERYONE – especially the lawmakers and judges!


Black Men In America

By Mike Ramey

Needless to say, just about everyone has heard about President Obama’s stand on Homosexual and Lesbian marriages (aka ‘same sex marriage’). Obama’s public declaration came on May 9th, 2012 about 3:10pm EST, courtesy of a clip from an ABC News interview that was released to the mainstream media–which included FOX News. I saw the clip. My wife heard the clip from our kitchen. FOX News anchor Sheppard Smith may have been happy with the Obama announcement. He could afford to be, because he was of the ‘lighter hue’ and was not up for election–or re-election.

Of course, being African American–and a voter–I couldn’t believe it. What made matters worse was the ‘tip off’ to his ‘decision’ was helped by his Vice President a few days before, and a member of the Obama cabinet at least 48 hours ahead of the broadcast.

The pundits will be…

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