Obamatax Video – Another Obama Lie – Individual Mandate IS a TAX!!!

Another lie from Obama and a great ad for Republicans – according to the Supreme Court the individual mandate IS a TAX!!!  If the Democrats keep denying it is a tax then I guess the whole thing is null and void!

Obamacare = Obamatax

By striking down the individual mandate as unconstitutional via the Commerce Clause, did Justice Roberts just force Obama and the Democrats in Congress to ‘own’ the massive tax hikes soon to be imposed on many middle class Americans? If so, has the Court just given Congress unlimited taxation powers? Has he paved the way for Conservatives in November?

3 thoughts on “Obamatax Video – Another Obama Lie – Individual Mandate IS a TAX!!!

  1. Let’s write to Congress (www.congress.org)!

    Dear Representative:

    The United States Supreme Court has ruled that paying a private insurance company for a product can be enforced by a penalty “tax” enforceable by the Internal Revenue Service. As I am a Christian/Jew whose religion believes in the sanctity of human life, and since Obamacare funds abortions and requires insurance companies to cover abortions, contraception, and euthanasia (by not covering health care to the elderly), i will refuse to pay for such insurance on religious grounds. Such religious grounds are extended to Muslims because, under Shariah law (which enforces Islamic principles found in the Qur’an and sira/haddiths), they are forbidden to buy insurance. Such submission to Shariah law over and above U.S. law being accommodated by President Obama will also need to be challenged in the courts as unconstitutionally establishing one religion above the rest and as sedition. We will see how unconstitutionally discriminating Obamacare is in allowing religious exemption beyond that for Muslims. Another objection to Obamacare is its socialistic nature which undermines a democratic republic such as the United States of America and gives the federal government more control than intended by the Constitution. For these reasons and as a citizen, I am demanding and expecting you to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) immediately! Thank you.

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