An Obama College Classmate & Business Owner’s Angry Response To Obama

Wayne Allyn Root responds to President Barack Obama’s recent assertion
that government, not entrepreneurs, is responsible for business success in the
United States. Root, Obama’s college classmate at Columbia University, Class of
1983, notes that nearly all of his classmates at the college were openly
socialist or Marxist. He says that the President’s most recent remarks are
simply an act of the Marxist-in-Chief coming out of the closet.

Where are the rest of the voices?

2 thoughts on “An Obama College Classmate & Business Owner’s Angry Response To Obama

  1. ^This guy didn’t listen to the speech. Looks like you just watched Romney’s edited ad.

    You didn’t build the roads, did you?

    The schools?

    The airports?

    No? Then stop being full of shit.

    Wayne Allyn Root was already proven to be full of shit. He’s never met Barack Obama are would have known what he looks like if he ran into him!

    “That would save the extra step of having him explain what the President meant later.”

    Reading comprehension not your strong-suit? It seemed pretty clear by any objective reading that the president was saying that we’re all in this together, that no one has gotten to where they are without help from someone along the way. Not that it matters to you guys. If the President said, “I won’t stop in my effort to root out every last terrorist” you guys would quote him as saying, “I won’t stop terrorists.”

    I get that both sides love to take phrases like this out of context, so I’m certainly not singling out the right, but come on. Can we move on to a substantive debate?

    The GOP can lie faster than the press can keep up. But ,hey, you have to go with your strengths, and the GOP is very good at lying.

    Obama is not an evil spirit here to destroy America. Pretending he is or talking of him as such makes you look like a crazy person. It makes you seem stupid.

    If you call someone a Marxist long enough and distort his economic attempts as some sort of socialist grab (which is patently, demonstrably and objectively untrue) then this sort of feeling people disinclined to vote for his party to begin with have is moved further off objective dead center. And that’s exactly why they do it.

    Obama is NOT a marxist. Since you hate-filled losers can’t propmt up Mittens to be the next Ray-gun, you resort to disgusting fear-mongering BS to scare people into voting the scary black man out of the White House…Not gonna happen!

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