Dirty Harry’s Chicago-Styled Tactics Aren’t Working

This is your Senate Majority leader telling you what he thinks of us!

There is no doubt in my mind that Harry Reid’s recent unsubstantiated statement regarding Mitt Romney’s taxes is the work of David Axelrod and the Chicago Obama machine.  I believe Reid is the puppet and Axelrod is the ventriloquist.

Just the fact that Dirty Harry made the allegation that ‘Mitt Romney paid no taxes in ten years’ on the Senate floor proves to me that it is false. Otherwise Reid would have made his unfounded statement in a more public forum and not hide behind the protection of voicing whatever you want without consequences from the Senate floor.  If similar possible libelous allegations had been made against Obama using the Senate floor for cover the press would have been screaming abuse of power. Reid is protected from a libel suit by using his position as Senate Majority leader and using the Senate floor as his pulpit.

Again, I believe if the allegations were true, Prince Harry would have made them publicly instead of the cowardly way he did it.  The man is a vile, incompetent, narcissistic leader whose abuse of power almost equals that of President Obama.  Even liberal Comedy Central host, John Stewart, was repulsed by Dirty Harry’s underhanded tactics.

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