Black Conservatives Make Their Voices Heard After Poll Shows Romney Support Among African-Americans at Zero Percent

By  via The Blaze

A new poll conducted by NBC and the Wall Street Journal shows that support for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney among black people stands at an incredible zero percent. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

But in order for the poll to be accurate, one would have to assume that there are indeed “zero” African-Americans that stand with Mitt Romney. And while the folks at NBC or WSJ certainly aren’t obligated to justify their findings, they would likely have a hard time doing so to the sea of African-Americans who took to Twitter to express their support for Romney after feeling as if they were being ignored — or better yet, as if they don’t exist at all.

Thus the #BlackConservativesForMittRomney hashtag was born. Here are some of the best:

I’m a young, black, female conservative…oh, and I exist.

Hey @nbc, I know I probably ignored your call but I’m black and voting for Romney.  Mark it down, yo.

NBC pollsters who say 0% of African-American voters support Romney. Seen the 60s sign reading “I Am A Man”??

NBC created a fake poll saying that romney wasn’t supported by blacks……..well today…we punched their eye

An NBC poll says 0% of African-American voters support Romney. Heh.

If a Black Conservative shouts in the @NBCNews forest, does anybody hear?

This movement is real and we’re taking our country back

I stand with Romney because big government is bankrupting America 

 I am a black conservative….racist remarks wont stop us. Lies about romney wont stop us! We R conservatives!!

And despite another mainstream media narrative that all conservatives are intolerant racists, these black conservatives found plenty of support from all races:

I support and because character matters, not skin color.  God bless my Fellow patriots.

Whether they will admit it or not, the folks at NBC and the Wall Street Journal stand corrected.

Read more at The Blaze.

And here was my Tweet:

Kasey JachimKasey Jachim@KaseyJachim

NBC poll – 0% blacks support Romney!?!  Your bias is showing – Check #BlackConservativesForRomney for some real numbers!

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