Unless there is massive voter fraud and intimidation, Romney should win. But then again there are the voting zombies – those who may be brain dead but still have a pulse – who will vote for the idiot again!

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Obama’s Bad News Blues – Tea Party Nation.

By Alan Caruba

I suspect that Barack Obama has been told by his pollsters that he is going to lose.

Most certainly whenever Messeurs Axelrod and Ploufe, his political brain trust, get on television to respond to questions about how he will fix the economy, all one hears are the same tired excuses and empty promises. The news headlines these days tell another story.

Headline – Libya: The White House handling of the Libyan attack has already been dubbed “Benghazi-Gate” and revealed the level of contempt the White House has for the intelligence of Americans. Bad enough Americans are angry that an American ambassador lost his life in a 9/11 anniversary al Qaeda attack, no one with ten brain cells to rub together believes it was about an amateur movie no one had seen.

Headline – Afghanistan: After wars…

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  1. I just talked with a friend last night. She is so clueless. But then again she is a govt worker (getting ready to retire in a few weeks). She is covered and why should she worry. She part of Obama voter base.

    But a time ago when I told her Obama was going to ‘erase’ all student college loans she had a fit. Why? Glad you ask. She has already paid for her college and her daughters. So much for free handouts.

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