“If Obama wins, this could very well be our last free election!”

By Kasey Jachim


I have been active in our local Republican and Tea Party groups since 2008.  I currently volunteer at the local Romney Victory Office and have had an opportunity to meet some wonderful Patriots.  One thing I have noticed in the past few weeks is the fact that the Obama campaign is not getting the message!

Recently a young voter, who just turned 18, came in for signs and stickers.  He is so excited and enthusiastic about his ‘first time’ and is proud to be voting for Mitt Romney.  He is spreading the word around his community college and hopes to encourage other young conservatives to vote.

Another young voter, who is a recent college graduate looking for full-time employment, recently expressed her concern about the economy and lack of jobs for those entering the workforce.  She said she could afford her own birth-control if she had a decent full-time job, she didn’t need the government in her business.

A woman recently came in asking for a voter registration form.  She is 51 years old and will be voting for the ‘first time’ in her life.  She said this election is the most important in our lifetime and she is afraid for herself, her family and our country.

A lovely lady about 80 years young came in for some yard signs and expressed her concern over the administration’s ignorance regarding seniors.  She wondered ‘just how stupid Obama thinks seniors are.’  She said she was deeply concerned about the economy and the debt we are leaving our grandchildren much more than she was concerned about Medicare and Social Security.  I know that is why I am volunteering and writing this blog – not for me but for my innocent grandchildren who have no voice.

A gentleman came in to pick up Absentee Ballots for his grandparents who were too ill to go to the polls.  He said “Granny was upset that she might not be able to vote” so he was making sure she could and that her voice would be heard.

Several of us discussed how often people have mentioned prayer and how important and powerful it can be.  One of the volunteers said God gave us Obama to wake us up and may now be ready to help us.  I know I pray daily!

Finally, I met a gentleman who was visibly shaking and was so distraught over the thoughts of another four years of Obama he had tears in his eyes.  Several of us began reminiscing about our younger years of Memorial Day Parades, prayer in school, pride in America and all things made in America.  We then compared them to the current day destruction of America and all things made in America. The gentleman then looked at all of us and said, “I am afraid if Obama wins, this could very well be our last free election.”

After the chills subsided, I began another silent prayer.

Please reach out to those who may need assistance getting to the polls and encourage everyone you know to pray and to vote as if their life depended on it – because it just might.

Also, please read The Grey-Haired Brigade when you get the chance…..

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1 thought on ““If Obama wins, this could very well be our last free election!”

  1. What is sad about all of this is this.

    First where is the president? At the White House making sure that FEMA is helping the people in the northeast? Why do you mean he is out yet again campaigning?! Something he has done for the last year or so. Oh my I am so surprised.

    We hear that “Romney wants to get rid of FEMA”. Is this such a bad idea? What did FEMA do in New Orleans? Nothing. What are they doing in NYC? Nothing.

    My heart breaks for these people. It’s cold, no gasoline for cars, people are digging through the trash dumpsters for food. It is shameful this could happen in the U.S.A. When will people wake up. People staying in hotels are being asked to leave so that incoming people who are either in the NY marathon or there watch to watch will have a place to stay. I applaud the hotels for telling the city “NO! We will not kick these people out of their rooms. They have no place to go.”

    In a sad way it may be a good thing it happen in such a high population. Let’s see how the distribution of wealth works for NYC.

    The Washington Post is finally commenting on the murders of four Americans in Libya. Did you realize this? Yes and they are lying through their teeth. The main stream media who I would refer to as Mr. Obama’s Whores does not matter about the truth. What a shame they call themselves reporters. Parents who have kids who are prostitutes or on drugs will tell you about their kids but if their kids are in the news media I would imagine they would not tell you or whisper to you what they do for a living. The occupation has become so shameful and full of disgrace.

    By Greg Miller , The Washington Post; November 1: The CIA rushed security operatives to an American diplomatic compound in Libya within 25 minutes of its coming under attack and played a more central role in the effort to fend off a night-long siege than has been acknowledged publicly, U.S. intelligence officials said Thursday. The agency mobilized the evacuation effort, took control of an unarmed U.S. military drone to map possible escape routes, dispatched an emergency security team from Tripoli, the capital, and chartered aircraft that ultimately carried surviving American personnel to safety, U.S. officials said………………..

    Really? So all the information that a real news organization revealed over the past weeks are incorrect. Do they think all Americans are that stupid?

    Why are they more jokes about Romney on the talk shows? The media say it’s because Mr. Obama is so cool. Really? Or is it he is so boring. Hands up who actually could stay awake during one of his press conferences.

    Speaking of press conferences just how many press conferences have we had?

    Or what about the so called unemployment figures. The first one that came out earlier did not include what is believed the state of California. This last one did not include New Jersey or New York so they “estimated” these two states figures. You know they did this will complete honestly. Did unemployment really go down at all. Look around you and I mean beyond the Northern VA beltway.

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