The Jackasses Won – Time For a Reality Break!

WOW, what a ride this past year!  I started this blog hoping to make a difference.  A difference for my grandchildren and my country.  I had no idea what I was up against.  Who could ever image a world where abortion, gay marriage, and legalized pot became more of an issue than jobs, economy, national security and our Constitution.  A world where the takers outnumber and outvote the makers – where free stuff is more important than freedom.  A world where the younger generation thinks more of themselves and their right to free contraception and abortion than the future of their parents, grandparents and children.  A world where the liberal media not only never challenged the liberal candidate but outright campaigned for him.

People asked if I thought Romney had a chance and I alway said he would win in a fair election.  Well, we all know now that this election wasn’t fair.  How sad that many precincts reported OVER 100% voter turnout and others reported flagrant abuse and, in some cases, illegal registration at the time of voting.  Chicago politics at its worst.  If this election is not a mandate for a national voter database and voter ID’s I don’t know what would be.  There are so many petitions for secession I can’t believe this is the outcome America really wanted.

President Obama has a lot ahead of him but I fear nothing will change. Taxes will be raised; Obamacare will suck the economy and life, literally, out of many of us; and we will be facing another fiscal crisis.  Benghazi will be stone-walled and the cover-ups will all continue.  Fast and Furious will take a back seat, temporarily, to the new Watergate.  What we do know is we have an incompetent administration that is lying to us at every turn, and they do not care who they toss under the bus.  I hope and pray Congress will NOT let the murder of four Americans go unpunished.

After being in total denial this past week, I am now disappointed, disillusioned and downright depressed at the idiocy of this country’s voting process and voting morons.  I am taking a short break from the real, and really screwed-up, world until after the holidays.  I thank you all for your support, loyalty and true patriotism.  Failure is NOT an option and I will continue the fight with my fellow bloggers, conservatives, freedom-fighters and patriots soon.



7 thoughts on “The Jackasses Won – Time For a Reality Break!

  1. Kasey,

    I have come to accept that what I knew as America died on November 6, 2012. Things are different that is for sure. Whites are becoming the minority and it is what it is.

    I thought it interesting on The View today. The black actress who was blasted for backing Romney was on. They (especially Joy Behr) were saying the reason Romney gave for his lost were these reasons:

    1. Obama was letting people keep their children on under their insurance until they were 26

    2. Obama was going to let people “write off their children’s loans”

    3. Obama was going to let children of illegal immigrants become citizens

    Well the bottom line was this………..people didn’t want a hand up, they wanted a handout. Everything I was working against. Those 47% who Romney said he wouldn’t get their vote anyway because they don’t want to work.

    Boy are these people about to get a dose of reality. If they truly do not think their taxes aren’t going up or they aren’t going to lose their jobs or that their kids will still not have jobs.

    Unless Obama and Congress can pull a rabbit out of their hat this country is going to be in a world of hurt.

    PLUS the mainstream media had been ignoring what was happening in Israel. A war is about to break out in that part of the country and guess who will be dragged into it.

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