Anita Moncrief Takes on Eric Holder on Race, ACORN and Voter Fraud

By  J. Christian Adams via PJ Media

(Legal Editor Note: Not long ago, the Left had a monopoly on rallies and protests. Republicans and conservatives, more enamored with scholars instead of brawlers, shunned displays of political muscle in the streets. That’s all changed. A few months ago, Attorney General Eric Holder went to the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin, Texas, to announce an aggressive attack on state election integrity measures like Voter ID. This election-year strategy is designed to stoke the leftist base but risks alienating everyone else. To greet Holder that day were hundreds of citizens at a rally sponsored by True the Vote.

I will never forget the disoriented look on Holder’s face as he emerged from the black SUV to the large crowd of people who came out to confront him. “Signs? Bullhorns? Multitudes? And they aren’t here to support me?” — that was the look.

ACORN whistleblower Anita Moncrief delivered a powerful speech that day, and PJ Media has finally been able to obtain it and publish it.)

Thank you. It’s an honor to be here today and I’m glad to see that there’s so many of you with your video cameras, because after the mainstream media gets hold of this, it will be “an all-white crowd showed up to protest Eric Holder.”  So I’m glad we’ll have a little bit of somebody to combat that.

I speak from the heart and I speak plain, so if I offend some of you I’m sorry. But it’s an honor to be here today, especially to be at the LBJ Library, the father of the Great Society, the father of the social programs and the welfare state, and then the dissolution of the black family and our communities.

When LBJ signed in the Voting Rights Act in 1965, he said: “We’ll have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 40 years.” And that needs to be said. People need to understand that. That’s the legacy that Holder brings here with him tonight by holding his speech here. It’s not just about coming here to talk about voting rights. It’s to talk about how they’ve taken race and turned it in to something that is unrecognizable.

I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, in the heart of the civil rights movement. I could have walked to the 16th Street Baptist Church that was bombed during the civil rights era. And I have to tell you, the racism that I experienced, the evilness that came at me, it wasn’t from Birmingham, Alabama. It was from when I moved to the liberal north, and I got to see how things really were, and part of that was working with ACORN.

And that’s why I’m here today, to let you know what you guys are up against. This is not just something that has come out recently. This is something that started in the ’90s when Bill Clinton was in office. Not many people realize this, but ACORN helped get Bill Clinton elected, and the National Voter Registration Act was Clinton’s gift to ACORN.

And so for 10 years, ACORN and its sister organization Project Vote were going around the country and forcing Section 7 of the NVRA, which is the part about registering voters in public assistance agencies.  They coordinated openly with the Clinton Justice Department during the ’90s, and during that time they had voter registrations coming out of these public assistance offices in the millions. This was their demographic.

Imagine a government, a federal mandate targeting a certain demographic. What if we were to say that by federal law you have to register people in churches and gun stores across the country? You don’t think liberals would lose their mind?

They are targeting their demographic, the people that are getting them elected, and this Obama gravy train has gotten out of control. We have more people on public assistance and welfare and unemployment than ever before, and they are coordinating to get Obama elected.

I have proof that Obama and Project Vote and ACORN were coordinating illegally in 2008 to get Obama elected. Do you not think that they would do the same thing in 2012 to get this man put back in office?

If there is proof that the Department of Justice ignored an ACORN investigation because they knew it would lead right to the White House, do you not think they would try to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests that show collusion between Project Vote, who has been pushing this project for years, and now the DOJ has all of a sudden started back filing lawsuits across the country under Section 7 violations.

This is a coordinated effort by ACORN and its people to push the same agenda that they’ve been doing for 20 years. We have the proof, we can connect the dots. They’ve been contacting the Department of Justice up until 2004 to force them to file lawsuits; even when Bush was in office and Antonio Gonzales was the Attorney General, they were still trying to get them to collude with them and to work.

So now, now, when they publicly acknowledge working with the Department of Justice in those previous administrations, why are they denying it and hiding it now? Could it be because it’s illegal collusion? Could it be because they’re trying to work to get Obama elected?

These are the questions we need to ask. We have — and I say “we” because there are people I’m working with — over 55,000 documents that could indict some of these people from ACORN and Project Vote, the same people that are out there right now meddling around in New York with Occupy Wall Street and across the country.

Why won’t Darrell Issa and his people call for a congressional investigation of ACORN when there are enough documents to bury these people? Why won’t we get them to take the stand?

We need you guys to step up and do this. I am today calling for two things: one, a Congressional investigation into the activities of ACORN and Project Vote, the Obama administration, and its relation to the Department of Justice in these Section 7 lawsuits across the country; and two, I am calling on you guys to help me with this, to not only call for Holder’s resignation but his impeachment.

I am so tired of race being a dividing factor in our communities. I grew up poor in Birmingham, Alabama, and I will tell you, in the black community they don’t have a lot of opportunities, there’s not a lot of banks, so where are you going to get your check cashed at? The liquor store, or you go to a check cashing place.

You can’t do anything without an ID in the black community. Sometimes they won’t even let you use your debit card unless they can verify you are who you are, because they lose money on fraudulent purchases every year. These are the realities of being poor and being black in America. Why is Sharpton ignoring this? He knows exactly what I’m talking about, but he’s a professional race-baiter. He smells that 8mm camera film and he comes running out there and he pulls out that platinum race card.

I’m tired of the platinum race card, and that’s why I’m here today — to let you know it’s a lie, it’s something they have used to divide this country, and we have got to get together and stop it. And the only way we can do that is to unite our voices and call for these investigations, and to let people know that we are tired of this race card and we’re not going to put up with that in 2012.

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Source at DOJ leaks documents in Fast and Furious scandal

By  via The Examiner

Citizen journalist Mike Vanderboegh, who first broke the Fast and Furious  scandal story in December 2010, is reporting this afternoon that a source inside  the Justice Department has leaked a series of documents to Congressional  officials who are investigating the scandal.

The leak would be a major break in the case and would fuel an escalation in  the investigation into the scandal in which the Obama Administration placed U.S.  guns directly into the hands of Mexican criminals in order to make a case for  new gun control laws.

According to William Lajeunesse at Fox News, the  investigation into Fast and Furious now includes the FBI.

Records show that the FBI failed to inform the ATF that its own confidential  informants were helping pay for the purchase of the firearms that were sent to  Mexico.

As reported previously, the so called ‘big fish’ drug kingpins in Mexico that  the Fast and Furious operation supposedly targeted for arrest were in fact paid  FBI informants. But apparently the FBI failed to notify ATF agents on the ground  that the cartel drug lords were working with the Feds.

However, this does not answer the question as to how much supervisors high in  the ATF knew about the FBI operation. Attorney General Eric Holder has not held  accountable any of the ATF supervisors who provided oversight to the operation.  Instead, they were apparently rewarded for their actions due to the fact that  Holder transferred them to cushy jobs inside the Department of Justice.

What, exactly, did these former ATF supervisors know about the FBI’s  involvement?

When Senator Charles Grassley, R-IA, was informed of the secret document leak  yesterday, he stated,

“You are getting at the very basis of this investigation,” Senator Charles Grassley said Friday.

“But I have to wait till we have all the information before we bring down the  hammer.”

Grassley first revealed in September 2011 the FBI, knew, but failed to tell  the ATF, it’s informants were part of the gun trafficking ring. Then in  February, Grassley called them “the big fish” ATF had been looking for the  entire time.

Earlier  in the week it was reported that the ATF had captured and released  a Mexican criminal with a long history of drug and gun smuggling in May of  2010.

That report, in addition to the leak of secret documents yesterday, prompted  one DOJ official to warn Congressman Darrell Issa, R-CA, that “we are deeply  disturbed that the sensitive law enforcement information…has entered the  public realm.”

Issa is leading the investigation into Fast and Furious in the U.S. House of  Representatives.

But according to the Fox News report, Issa made no apology for making public  the leak and instead declared that this is the type of information that his  committee has been seeking and that the Obama Administration has been hiding.

Notice! At my blog at The Liberty Sphere today I present an in depth  personal conservative manifesto delineating the acute danger America faces at  this hour. It is a dire warning to the serious reader who loves freedom and the  principles handed down to us by the Framers. Don’t miss it.

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Holder plays race card to block Texas voter ID law

Texas Voter Identification Law Blocked by Justice Department as Biased

By Seth Stern via Bloomberg

The Obama administration blocked Texas (BEESTX)’s new law requiring voters to show government-issued photo identification at the polls, escalating a partisan dispute over voting restrictions.

The U.S. Justice Department used its power under the Voting Rights Act to halt the Texas law, saying in a letter to the state today that the measure may disproportionately harm Hispanics. The department in December blocked a similar law in South Carolina (NFSESC).

Democrats have objected to the voter ID laws as impediments to minority voting while Republicans have said they protect the integrity of elections. Republican officials in Texas, one of eight states that passed voter identification laws last year, said the administration has no valid reason to challenge the measure.

“Their denial is yet another example of the Obama administration’s continuing and pervasive federal overreach,”Texas Governor Rick Perry said in a statement.

The Justice Department’s decision isn’t final. Texas and South Carolina have filed suit in federal court in Washington seeking permission to enforce their photo ID requirements.

Before blocking South Carolina’s law, the last time the Justice Department challenged a state voter identification measure under the Voting Rights Act was in 1994.

History Binds States

Texas and South Carolina are among 16 states or portions of states that must obtain permission from the Justice Department or a federal court in Washington before redrawing their district lines or changing election procedures because of a history of voting rights violations.

Hispanic registered voters in Texas are 47 percent to 120 percent more likely to lack the required identification than non-Hispanic voters, the Justice Department said in its letter. Texas has 12.9 million registered voters of whom 2.81 million are Hispanic.

“Even using the data most favorable to the state, Hispanics disproportionately lack either a driver’s license or a personal identification card,” Thomas Perez, head of the Justice Department’s civil rights division, wrote in the letter to Keith Ingram, the director of elections for the Texas Secretary of State.

The Voting Rights Act puts the burden on Texas to prove its law wouldn’t interfere with minorities’ ability to vote.

‘Federal Overreach’

Representative Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican and chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said in a statement that the Justice Department’s action is an example of the administration’s “abuse of executive authority.”

The American Civil Liberties Union supports the administration’s efforts to block the laws.

“It’s a good sign that the Department of Justice is stepping into the jurisdictions where it can to stop these laws in their tracks,” said Nancy Abudu, a senior staff attorney with the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project in Atlanta,

Under the Texas law signed last year by Perry, voters who arrive at the polls without one of seven acceptable forms of photo IDs issued by the state or federal government, including concealed carry handgun permits, would be given a provisional ballot, according to the Texas Secretary of State’s website.

Those ballots would count only if voters bring an approved ID to the registrar’s office within six days of the election.

‘Minor Inconveniences’

The law exempts mail-in ballots and voters with significant disabilities or religious objections to being photographed.

The law’s requirements “entail minor inconveniences on exercising the right to vote,” Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said in his court filing on Jan. 24.

The photo ID law would disproportionately affect poor and minority voters, who are least likely to have any of the required forms of identification or the documentation needed to obtain one, said Luis Figueroa, a San Antonio, Texas-based legislative staff attorney with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. It also would hurt students because college or university IDs would not be accepted, Figueroa said.

The photo ID requirement could suppress minority turnout by three percent to five percent in Harris County, where Houston is located, and give Republicans an edge in local elections, said Carroll Robinson, a professor at Texas Southern University in Houston and a former city council member.

Election Integrity

“We’re going to disenfranchise significant numbers of minority voters as they become more and more the majority in Texas,” Robinson said.

Patricia Harless, a Republican state representative, said concerns among constituents about “the integrity of elections”rather than possible partisan advantage explains why she sponsored the voter ID measure last year. The law reduces the possibility of fraud, she said.

Lawmakers excluded student IDs because “we wanted a form of identification that was easily recognized by the poll workers at the election site,” Harless said.

Voters 65 and older automatically qualify to cast ballots by mail, which requires no ID, and the state will provide free voter identification cards.

“We worked really hard to make sure we met the constitutional requirements,” Harless said.

Lacking State ID

The Obama administration blocked South Carolina’s law in December after concluding minorities in the state are almost 20 percent more likely to lack state-issued identification than white registered voters.

The Justice Department asked for similar statistics from Texas, which said it doesn’t collect the kind of racial data needed to accurately determine how many of the state’s registered voters don’t have a driver’s license or state ID card are black or Hispanic. Texas provided data based on Hispanic surnames and no data on the impact on black voters, according to the Justice Department.

Jasmine Price, a sophomore at Prairie View A&M University, a historically black college 30 miles from Houston, said the law would make it harder for her to vote in person in Texas, as she’d prefer, rather than by absentee ballot in her home state, Arkansas.

Price, 19, said if the law takes effect, she’ll try to find the time in between a full course load and three shifts a week as a manager at a Houston sporting goods store to drive seven miles from campus to the nearest state Department of Public Safety office that issues IDs.

Literacy Tests

“My forefathers had it even harder to vote — they had to pass literacy tests — but they made sure they did what they had to do so that their vote could count,” said Price, who is black. “So if they say I have to go to the DPS office, as much as an inconvenience as it is to go there, that’s what I’m going to do.”

Alabama, where the voter ID law is not scheduled to go into effect until 2014, and Mississippi, where lawmakers haven’t adopted legislation to implement a citizen initiative approving a similar requirement, would also have to obtain Justice Department or federal court approval.

In Wisconsin, which doesn’t need to obtain the same kind of advance approval under federal law as Texas does, two state judges have temporarily blocked a voter ID requirement.

The latest ruling today in a challenge by the League of Women Voters came six days after a second judge ruled in a separate suit by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People against Governor Scott Walker.

To contact the reporter on this story: Seth Stern in Washington at

Holder elevates al-Qaeda lawyer to top Justice Department post

By  via The Examiner

In a semi-stealth promotion, a major Barack Obama fundraiser  who served as a defense lawyer for a convicted al-Qaeda terrorist is  scheduled to become the third-highest ranking Department of Justice executive,  according to a March 1 report from an “inside the Beltway” watchdog group.

California-based attorney Tony West was named Assistant Attorney General  for the Civil Division, making him the No. 3 man at the Justice Department,  according to Judicial Watch.

“This is a disturbing turn of events when a lawyer is given such a sensitive  position based on his ability to raise campaign funds for a politician. Here you  have a man linked to a terrorist group who is now a top Justice Department  official. It smacks of corruption,” said political strategist and attorney  Michael Baker in an interview with the Law  Enforcement Examiner.

“West fits the Justice Department hierarchy quite nicely. This is a DOJ  that’s more concerned with the treatment of terrorists by U.S. authorities than  with the killing of Americans by terrorists. He’s more interested in prosecuting  police officers who arrest illegal aliens than he is in prosecuting illegal  aliens who kill, rape and rob American citizens. It’s the most politicized DOJ  in my lifetime,” said Baker.

West assisted candidate Obama in raising tens of millions of dollars as  a co-chairman for Senator Obama’s presidential campaign, notes Judicial Watch, a  group known for its successful investigations and prosecutions  of government corruption and abuse.

In 2009 West was appointed to help run the DOJ’s civil division which represents  the government, Congress and presidential cabinet officers and handles cases  dealing with significant policy issues.

In a statement announcing the promotion this  week, Attorney General Eric Holder says West has served the department with “professionalism, integrity and dedication.” Holder also mentions West’s work  before coming to the DOJ a few years ago, including a stint as a Special  Assistant Attorney General in California and a lengthier career at a large San  Francisco law firm.

“During his time as Assistant Attorney General, West has bolstered the Civil  Division’s affirmative civil enforcement efforts in areas such as health care  fraud, procurement fraud and mortgage fraud.   Since January 2009, the  Civil Division has used the False Claims Act to recover over $8.8 billion in  taxpayer money lost to fraud and abuse – the largest three-year total in the  Department’s history,” stated Holder.

Conveniently omitted from the press release is that West represented  convicted al Qaeda terrorist John Walker Lindh, who is serving a 20-year  prison sentence, according to Judicial Watch’s blog.

Lindh — or Jihad Johnny — was captured in Afghanistan in 2001 while  fighting against the U.S.-backed Northern Alliance as a member of the Taliban  army. He actually pleaded guilty to aiding the Taliban and carrying explosives  while fighting U.S. troops in the region, according to case records.

“Holder also knows a thing or two about defending terrorists. After all, he  was a senior partner in a prestigious Washington D.C. law firm (Covington &  Burling) that represented more than a dozen Yemeni terrorists held at the U.S.  military prison in Guantanamo Bay Cuba,” according to the JW blog.

While Holder was a senior partner the firm employed a number of radical  attorneys to provide the Islamic extremists with thousands of hours of free  legal representation, according to a report by Michelle Malkin.

Another highlight in Holder’s resume is that he orchestrated Bill Clinton’s  shameful last-minute pardons, including that of a fugitive financier and a pair  of jailed domestic terrorists. In fact, shortly after the pardon scandal, Holder  predicted that his public career was over, said the JW blogger.

“Anyone living in New York City in the 1970s remembers the rash of bombings  at banks, financial institutions and government buildings by the Puerto Rican  terrorist group the FALN,”  Baker told the Law Enforcement Examiner.

“The Clinton administration gave these terrorists full pardons in order to  garner the Latino vote for Hillary Clinton during her run for the New  York senate seat,” Baker said.

Under his  leadership the DOJ has been embroiled in a number of high-profile  scandals, including a gun-running operation (Fast and Furious) in which weapons  were sold to Mexican drug cartels. One was later used to murder a federal agent.  Judicial Watch has sued the DOJ to obtain records involving the  operation.

Continue reading on Holder elevates al-Qaeda lawyer to top Justice Department post – National Law Enforcement |

The Pattern of Criminal Behavior Within the Department of Justice

By , Tupelo Tea Party Examiner, via The Examiner


In case anyone missed it, there is a growing pattern of heinous criminal behavior within the Obama Department of Justice.  We have in our midst a gang of pirates dressed as business men, in their Armani suits and Bruno Magli shoes, and pretending to be government officials.  They do their unimaginable crimes and then hide from prosecution behind the veil created by our cumbersome federal bureaucracy, claiming to know nothing, blaming everything on underlings, or denying that anything happened at all.

There are two items of an especially horrifying nature that should be fully brought to the attention of every registered voter in the United States of America.  These are the two known, failed, gun-running operations planned, promoted, and carried out by the Department of Justice under Eric HolderOperation Fast and Furious, and Operation White Gun.

Fast and Furious (F&F) has been the subject of numerous news articles and reports concerning the on-going investigation and hearings headed by Darryl Issa.  Holder has denied knowing anything about the operation which was carried out from within his department.  Over 2,000 weapons were allowed by the BAFTE to be illegally purchased by straw buyers, who then transported them into Mexico.  The DOJ lost track of most of these weapons, which includes various assault weapons and machine guns, and several of them have already turned up in evidence at the murder scenes of several Americans.

But there is another such operation, of which I have no doubt Eric Holder will deny any knowledge.  It was named Operation White Gun (WG).  The investigation is just getting under way on this one, but it appears to be eerily similar to F&F.  To use the vernacular of law enforcement, they have the same M.O. (modus operandi).  Use federal money to buy weapons and sell them to illegal buyers under the premise that the guns will be tracked, but then, for some unexplained reason, the guns get lost and go to drug dealers in Mexico.  Then, when the “fiasco” is discovered, deny, deny, deny.

Reports on WG do not include quantities of weapons involved, but they do identify that there may have been as much as $15 million involved in the budget available to the buyer.  If this budget was used up then we could be talking about far more weapons than with F&F.

The target of WG was supposedly Guzman Patino who was attempting to procure arms for the Sinaloa gang.  El Chapo Guzman Loera’s “criminal group sought to strengthen its arsenal with grenade launchers and .50-caliber machine guns,” said agent Hope A. MacAllister.  According to Wikipedia, “White Gun and Fast and Furious both began in the fall of 2009, and both cases were run by the same ATF officials.”

Wikipedia says, “In fall 2009, an ATF team sent an undercover agent posing as an arms dealer to Guzman Patino and photos of weapons, including a Dragon Fire 120-millimeter heavy mortar, were emailed to his ‘Superman6950’ Hotmail account.”  Guzman Patino told to the undercover agent that “if he would bring them a tank, they would buy it”.

After that meeting, Patino Guzman and the agent met again outside the restaurant in Phoenix, where the undercover seller showed the criminal five weapons in the trunk of his car , including a Ramo .50 heavy machine gun and a Bushmaster rifle.

At the point that Guzman Patino was ready to buy, BATFE records of the investigation into his activities ended for no reason.  Could it be for the purpose of “plausable deniability”?  Who knows?  But why would investigators be suddenly pulled off of a case when it is just about to yield its fruit?  Agents do not dictate which assignments they get.  Supervisors determine these things.  It is safe to assume that this is the case with WG.  Documents do not show why the investigation was halted, and they do not show if any guns were sold to Guzman, yet it is known that some “guns got away again”.

The in Phoenixat the time, Dennis K. Burke, who later resigned over Fast and Furious, called the White Gun convictions “a tremendous team effort that put a stop to a well-financed criminal conspiracy to acquire massive destructive firepower.”

According to Steve Gill, “By that summer, [agent] MacAllister had gone to Mexico Cityto check the police and military vaults. The ATF documents don’t detail what she found, but they note she discovered ‘weapons in military custody related to her current investigations.’ ”

Does anyone see a pattern yet?  Can you spell “R-A-C-K-E-T-E-E-R-I-N-G” ?

Yes, then what are we going to do about it?

More importantly, what are YOU going to do about it?

As a Tea Party member, I am going to continue to beat this drum long and loud!

There are criminals in the White House.  There are criminals in the Department of Justice.

I remember reading Treasure Island, by R.L. Stevenson. In the book, pirate Long John Silver defines his fellow pirates as “gentlemen of fortune”.  We have gentlemen of fortune in our government!

Probe reveals Obama, Holder, ACORN connection to voting “enforcement”

By , Law Enforcement Examiner in The Examiner

“Where law ends, tyranny begins.” – President James Monroe

This week, a leading public-interest organization that investigates and fights government corruption, announced that it has received additional documents about meetings held between Estelle Rogers, Director of Advocacy for the ACORN-affiliated organization Project Vote, and officials from both the Obama White House and the Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice (DOJ).

Of particular interest is the use of the Justice Department to stop the individual states from passing legislation — of defeating already passed laws — that requires voter identification.

The group many insiders call Obama’s worst nightmare — Judicial Watch — is investigating the extent to which Project Vote, which once employed Barack Obama as an organizer in Chicago, has been working with the Obama administration to use voter registration laws to register greater numbers of low-income voters, widely considered to be an important voting demographic for the Obama presidential campaign.
“This voting block is considered vital to the Obama campaign’s strategy of pitting the poor against the rich, the unsuccessful against the successful, and the Saul Alinsky plan for increasing anti-capitalism sentiment,” claims political strategist Mike Baker.

The additional documents, provided in response to a FOIA lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch on August 19, 2011, detail email communications between Rogers and high ranking officials from the Obama White House and DOJ. The following are highlights from the records:

  • On April 27, 2009, Estelle Rogers wrote to Deputy Assistant Attorney General Sam Hirsh regarding an upcoming meeting on April 30, 2009. In addition to Rogers and Hirsh, other  attendees included: Nicole Kovite, Director of Public Agency Project for Project Vote; Spencer Overton, Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Office of Legal Policy; and two officials from the Obama White House: Celia Muñoz, then-Director of Intergovernmental Affairs and recently promoted to Director of the Domestic Policy Council; and Tino Cuellar, Special Assistant to the President for Justice and Regulatory Policy.

In her email, Rogers references documents she forwarded in preparation for the upcoming meeting on the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), to which Hirsch replies that he looks forward to “reading these materials” and to “seeing everyone on Thursday.”

  • On February 23, 2011, Rogers wrote to Associate Deputy Attorney General Robert Weiner, asking him to “make some headway with Attorney General [Eric] Holder in enforcing Section 7 of the NVRA.” The email notes that the DOJ had not yet filed any Section 7 lawsuits, which Rogers dubbed “deeply disappointing.”  The first such DOJ lawsuit (against Rhode Island) was filed on March 18, 2011, less than one month later. Of particular note, is Rogers’ comment that “We have received oral assurances from [Assistant Attorney General Thomas] Perez on several occasions that enforcement action was imminent,” suggesting that Rogers was privy to internal discussions inside the DOJ regarding pending legal action.
  • On March 29, 2011, Rogers wrote to Associate Attorney General [Thomas] Perrelli, urging him to review and “make improvements” to a document she was sending following another meeting held on March 17, 2011 between Project Vote and the DOJ on Section 7 compliance with the NRVA.  Accompanying the document was a previous letter she had sent to the Civil Rights Division plus “additional comments on the Q and A.”

On December 14, 2011, Judicial Watch released a separate batch of documents which also detail the partnership between the Obama DOJ and Project Vote.

As Director of Advocacy for Project Vote, Estelle Rogers ‒- a former attorney for ACORN, which was besieged with charges of corruption before declaring bankruptcy in November 2010 ‒- is a primary contact person on policy matters at Project Vote on both state and federal levels and has been actively involved in voter registration issues. Using the threat of a lawsuit under the NVRA, Project Vote has aggressively sought to manipulate voter registration laws in various states to increase the registration of people receiving public assistance.

On August 4, 2011, Judicial Watch released documents obtained from the Colorado Department of State showing that ACORN and Project Vote successfully pressured Colorado officials into implementing new policies for increasing the registration of public assistance recipients during the 2008 and 2010 election seasons.

Following the policy changes, the percentage of invalid voter registration forms from Colorado public assistance agencies was four times the national average. Project Vote also sought a “legislative fix” to allow people without a driver’s license or state identification to register to vote online.

In addition to pursuing public agency registration cases in Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia and New Mexico, Project Vote and the NAACP filed a lawsuit on April 19, 2011, against the State of Louisiana alleging violations of the NVRA. Less than three months later, on July 12, the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division/Voting Section sued Louisiana on the same grounds, claiming that “Louisiana officials have not routinely offered voter registration forms, assistance and services to the state’s eligible citizens who apply, re-certify or provide a change address for public assistance or disability services.”

The DOJ’s March 11, 2011, lawsuit against Rhode Island led to policy changes intended to increase the number of voter registration applications processed by “public assistance and disability service officers.” These two lawsuits, filed within five months of each other, are the first such lawsuits filed by the DOJ since 2007.

Project Vote and ACORN have both been linked to massive voter registration fraud. A total of 70 ACORN employees in 12 states have been convicted of voter registration fraud. And as documented in a July 2009 report by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, of the 1.3 million registrations Project Vote/ACORN submitted in the 2008 election cycle, more than one-third were invalid.

“These documents raise fundamental questions about the politicization of the Justice Department under Eric Holder and demonstrate that the ACORN-connected Project Vote is throwing its weight around the Justice Department and driving the agency’s voting rights agenda. And evidently the Obama White House is now directly implicated in this growing scandal,” said Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch.

“It is now clear that Project Vote and the Obama/Holder Justice Department are conspiring to file Justice Department lawsuits to help re-elect Barack Obama. This collusion between Project Vote and the Obama administration is a significant threat to the integrity of the 2012 elections. To have Project Vote involved in the Justice voting rights enforcement is like having the Mafia run the FBI,” Fitton said.

“This latest progressive strategy for ‘stuffing the ballot boxes’ brings to mind the old adage: When a government robs Peter to pay Paul, they can always count on Paul’s support” said Baker, who is also an attorney.

“But so too, President James Monroe said: Where law ends, tyranny begins,” Baker added.

Special thanks to Jill Farrell, director of public affairs at Judicial Watch, for her help and support.

Guantanamo Care Trumps ObamaCare

By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

Four hundred air miles from Miami, Florida is the oldest overseas U.S. Naval base in a country with which U.S. does not maintain diplomatic relations, Cuba. In 1903, U.S. leased 45 square miles of land and water at Guantanamo Bay for use as a coaling station and later as a refueling station.

The treaty was ratified and signed by both governments in Havana in December 1903 for $2,000 gold coins per year. In 1934, the lease was renewed by granting Cuba and its trading partners free access through the bay and the payment of $4,085 in actual dollars, not gold. To end the lease, both U.S. and Cuba must agree or the U.S. must abandon the base property.

Relations remained stable until the Cuban revolution in the late 1950s. Since January 1, 1959, the territory outside the base remains off-limits to civilians and U.S. service members. Official diplomatic relations with Cuba were cut off by President Eisenhower in January, 1961. Some Cubans sought refuge on the base. Relations have been strained with the Castro government.

Of the original 380 who were allowed to stay and work on the base, there are 30 remaining. Of the 3,500 commuters in 1959 who were allowed to leave communist Cuba each morning and return in the evening through the North East Gate, only two remain today. They take retirement checks each month to the Cubans who retired from the Naval Station.

Thousands of Haitian refugees were processed through the Guantanamo base over the years during the violent coup of 1991 and the earthquake in 2010.  Asylum seekers who make it across the border by land or intercepted at sea by Coast Guard vessels live temporarily in migrant facilities on base until are processed to third-party countries in Latin America.

The Naval Station has a self-sufficient base, which houses 5,337 people, mostly civilians and 2,103 military. A desalination plant produces 1.2 million gallons of water per day and the power plant 350,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day.

The Naval Station is separated by Guantanamo Bay and it can be accessed by AMC Rotator flights that land on the Leeward side of the base. The bay can be crossed by utility boat and ferry to the Windward side of the base where the prison is located.

In the wake of 9/11, the base started to incarcerate individuals captured by the U.S. military during execution of the War on Terror. The first prisoners arrived at Guantanamo Bay on January 11, 2002.

Enemy combatants

The “enemy combatants,” a term coined by the Bush administration, have the legal status of unlawful combatants without protections under the Geneva Conventions. After legal fighting, the DOJ dropped in March 2009 the term “enemy combatant” from its legal lexicon and “established a new criterion for detention that did not rely on the Authorization for the Use of Military Force passed by Congress in September 2001.”

President Obama called for the closure of Guantanamo Bay detention facility and signed an Executive Order that called for closure by January 22, 2010. Many detainees were released to countries like Spain, France, Austria, Tunisia, Portugal, Ireland, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Albania, Latvia, Switzerland, Belgium, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Slovakia.

Controversy over the proper venue to try such individuals captured on the battlefield dragged on. The DOJ wanted the detainees tried in federal court in New York. Congress halted plans to close Guantanamo Bay by giving final approval to a defense-spending bill, which blocked detainees from being transferred to the U.S.  President Obama signed the Ike Skelton National Defense Authorization Act of 2011, which banned the use of funds to transfer Guantanamo detainees into the U.S.

Attorney General, Eric Holder announced that defendants would be tried before a military commission, thus ending in April 2011 Obama’s plan to try the accused 9/11 conspirators in federal courts.

On its tenth anniversary, Guantanamo Bay still houses 171 detainees down from 550 in 2005 and 779 in 2002. The detainees started a hunger strike on January 11, 2012, inspired by U.S. liberal activists with bleeding hearts for terrorists and criminals. Deutsche Welled interviewed the UK based legal group Reprieve, representing 15 detainees, about the “lack of hope that now pervades the camp.”

These are no boy scouts, they range from bomb makers, bridge bombers, terrorist trainers, terrorist financiers, recruiters and facilitators, high value detainees who were Osama Bin Laden’s guards, and at least five who are directly tied to the 9/11 attacks. Some detainees could have been released but no country wanted them. Some who had been released, committed new terrorist acts or returned to the battlefield. According to the Joint Task Force Guantanamo, “detainee assaults on the guard force occur on a regular basis.”

Government spends $70 million annually to house the 89 prisoners

According to the ACLU, our government spends $70 million annually to house the 89 prisoners who have been cleared for release. The Bush administration released 532 prisoners while the Obama administration only 68. “Six prisoners died in custody by apparent suicide, one as a result of a heart attack, and one died of cancer.”  Military commissions at Gitmo spent $12 million in 2011. (ACLU)

Detainee programs include a social program (recreation, sports, prayers, family phone calls, mail), intellectual stimulation program (books, magazines, puzzles, newspapers, handheld electronic games, movies, satellite television), an instructional program (literacy, second language classes, art classes, computer classes, personal finance and business), a library with more than 25,000 titles, newspapers and magazines in 15 different languages, video games, DVDs, CDs, and a full-time librarian.

Living conditions exceed what is required by the Geneva Convention: Three meals a day that meet cultural dietary conditions and special diets, shelter, clothing, personal hygiene items, prayer beads, rugs, copies of the Quran in the native language of people from 40 countries, and mail. Detainees are visited by the Red Cross quarterly.

The most interesting aspect of the camp is health care. Medical services are available to detainees around the clock, seven days a week. Prisoners are treated in a dedicated medical facility with state-of-the-art equipment and expert medical staff of more than 100 people. There are 20 inpatient beds, physical therapy, pharmacy, radiology, and a single-bed operating room. Intensive care is offered at the Naval Station hospital and specialists can be flown in. A separate facility offers mental health care. Immunizations are given to detainees because none was available in their home countries. Prosthetic limbs are provided and cancerous tumors removed.

As you contemplate the coming rationing of health care in Obamacare, consider Guantanamo care

As you contemplate the coming rationing of health care in Obamacare, consider Guantanamo care: there is one medical staff for every two detainees and one primary care provider for approximately 45 detainees. The U.S. national average is one primary care provider for every 880 citizens.

As you wait eight hours to see an emergency room doctor, weeks to see a general practitioner, or six months to get an appointment with a specialist, examine Guantanamo Care: 129,000 meds dispensed annually; 4,650 sick call visits; 3,600 provider appointments; TB screenings conducted via the most accurate method available; colon cancer screening; 10 colonoscopies; 370 annual dental procedures; 470 radiology and physical therapy services; numerous consultations in cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, radiology, urology, dermatology, audiology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, optometry, podiatry, and pulmonology. (Joint Task Force Guantanamo)

Can we afford to keep Guantanamo open? Can we afford to close it? Based on the valuable information obtained from various detainees, details that saved innumerable lives, the nature of the dangerous individuals, and the cost associated with Gitmo’s maintenance, the questions seem difficult to answer.