Ninth Circuit Largely Upholds Arizona Voter ID Law – Yes, the Liberal Ninth Circuit!

by Breitbart News

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While the Obama Justice Department continues to pretend that voter ID is racially discriminatory and a violation of voting rights, courts keep on ruling against them. Today, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals – an incredibly liberal appeals court – ruled that Arizona’s voter ID law was largely constitutional. Opponents of the law had argued that the fee to obtain an ID amounted to an impermissible “poll tax”; the Court thought otherwise.

The Court did rule, however, that Arizona cannot turn down federal voter registration forms, which simply ask applicants to check a box indicating that they are US citizens. That’s not because such provisions would be unconstitutional – it’s because those provisions violate the federal National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (the so-called Motor Voter Act). Due to the supremacy clause of the Constitution, in areas where the federal government legislates, states cannot. It is supposedly unconstitutional for Arizona to come up with another form that requires proof of citizenship.

Some liberal groups celebrated the decision as a quasi-victory. “We are elated that a strong majority of the en banc panel found Arizona’s citizenship requirement violated the NVRA,” crowd Jon Greenbaum, chief council for the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. “This will enable our clients to be able to register to vote and conduct voter registration drives more easily.”

The case will likely move on to the Supreme Court. But the takeaway message for federal Republicans is that the NVRA must be modified to allow for states to ask for voter ID.

Counterfeit Voting – Voter Identification Laws Protect Your Civil Liberty

By Michael Loeb via Tea Party Nation

If there is anything I have learned over the years, it is that when the Federal Government says, does, or creates something, the opposite is usually true.

Here are some prime examples:

You can chart the rise and expansion of the Department of Education against the fall of test scores, and the rise of number of high school drop outs as indicators of the quality and effectiveness of education found in public schools.

You can chart the rise and expansion of the Department of Energy against the fall of our energy production and expansion of our dependence on foreign oil, regardless of what our current President might say.

The Patriot Act is a direct attack on the Bill of Rights.

The Food Safety Act puts more power into the hands of agricultural giants that have been exploring and utilizing genetically altered food where the long term consequences are yet unknown while driving small family owned farms (locally grown and fresh food) out of business.

Then there is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act  (Obamacare) billed to save money now reported to be twice as costly as we were told, over a $Trillion dollar difference.

The list goes on and on.

As of late state after state has been promoting the idea of requiring voters to prove who they are at the polls by passing voter identification laws.  The idea is simple, it cuts down on voter fraud, which is a much bigger issue than the government would like you to believe.

Not surprisingly the Obama administration led by Eric Holder claims that requiring proof of identity somehow violates a person’s civil rights.  The memo has been distributed and that is the main talking point of the Democratic (Socialist) Party.  When asked to defend their position they cannot, so they play the race card.  As if African or Hispanic Americans have no form of identification solely because they are African American or Hispanic American.  It makes no sense to rational thinking people and it shouldn’t.  Mostly what does this say about Eric Holder and fellow Democrats who feel that African and Hispanic Americans are so inept that these individuals cannot figure out how to obtain proper identification?  If I were a member of these groups I’d be personally outraged at such a slight.

States requiring ID’s have gone out of their way to provide verifiable ID to all that ask.  You need ID to buy beer, cigarettes, drive a car, get on a plane.  Recently I received a postcard from the Florida Blood Bank, requesting that I give blood.  It told me of the time and location of where the “big red bus” was going to be, and told me to bring picture ID.  So to save a life, to give a pint of blood, I’m required to identify myself.  Where is the outcry that we’re not accepting enough African American and Hispanic American blood?  Where is the outcry that beer and cigarette sales are discriminatory against minorities?

As usual if you flip it and turn it around you WILL see the truth and the agenda contained within.

Voting by those who cannot or will not identify themselves is a civil rights violation against those who can.

Your vote should be considered as sacrosanct as your 1st Amendment Right.  It is your 1st Amendment Right.  It is the primary way to speak directly to the government, to choose who represents you, to choose who you feel will best protect your rights, which is the sole purpose of government.  At least that is the way our founders envisioned a proper government of the people to be.

A vote by someone who cannot identify himself or herself should be considered a counterfeit vote, and anything counterfeited always diminishes the value of the real article.

I for one do not want my vote diminished.  I hope you agree with me.  I’m not surprised that Eric Holder who is unelected to his position and serves at the pleasure of the President wants my vote diminished.  Not surprised because the President wants my vote diminished.  The only way he can win re-election, by stuffing the ballot boxes with counterfeit votes.  ACORN is still alive and well, and wants to remain that way.  A re-election of Barack Obama means $Millions more for ACORN, in its 100’s of forms in all its glory, and for community organizers to build the socialist dream country.  An Obama victory will very likely mean the loss of free and true elections for generations to come if not forever.  The next president will likely appoint 2 or 3 Supreme Court justices.  Giving that power to Obama means that we will lose our Constitution, our Freedom, our Country.

More importantly, this is not an issue for the Federal Government.  It is a State issue as they are state elections.  Even the election for the POTUS is a State issue because you are electing electors, not the President.

Those that oppose voter identification laws point to the Voting Rights Act as well as the 15th Amendment.  Let it be known that the VRA and the 15th Amendment only apply to citizens of the United States.  If you cannot prove who you are by some form of reliable identification how can you prove you are a citizen in the first place?

So call your representatives and demand that your state adopt voter identification laws requiring everyone that votes show proper identification.

Originally posted here  St Lucie County 9/12

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Source at DOJ leaks documents in Fast and Furious scandal

By  via The Examiner

Citizen journalist Mike Vanderboegh, who first broke the Fast and Furious  scandal story in December 2010, is reporting this afternoon that a source inside  the Justice Department has leaked a series of documents to Congressional  officials who are investigating the scandal.

The leak would be a major break in the case and would fuel an escalation in  the investigation into the scandal in which the Obama Administration placed U.S.  guns directly into the hands of Mexican criminals in order to make a case for  new gun control laws.

According to William Lajeunesse at Fox News, the  investigation into Fast and Furious now includes the FBI.

Records show that the FBI failed to inform the ATF that its own confidential  informants were helping pay for the purchase of the firearms that were sent to  Mexico.

As reported previously, the so called ‘big fish’ drug kingpins in Mexico that  the Fast and Furious operation supposedly targeted for arrest were in fact paid  FBI informants. But apparently the FBI failed to notify ATF agents on the ground  that the cartel drug lords were working with the Feds.

However, this does not answer the question as to how much supervisors high in  the ATF knew about the FBI operation. Attorney General Eric Holder has not held  accountable any of the ATF supervisors who provided oversight to the operation.  Instead, they were apparently rewarded for their actions due to the fact that  Holder transferred them to cushy jobs inside the Department of Justice.

What, exactly, did these former ATF supervisors know about the FBI’s  involvement?

When Senator Charles Grassley, R-IA, was informed of the secret document leak  yesterday, he stated,

“You are getting at the very basis of this investigation,” Senator Charles Grassley said Friday.

“But I have to wait till we have all the information before we bring down the  hammer.”

Grassley first revealed in September 2011 the FBI, knew, but failed to tell  the ATF, it’s informants were part of the gun trafficking ring. Then in  February, Grassley called them “the big fish” ATF had been looking for the  entire time.

Earlier  in the week it was reported that the ATF had captured and released  a Mexican criminal with a long history of drug and gun smuggling in May of  2010.

That report, in addition to the leak of secret documents yesterday, prompted  one DOJ official to warn Congressman Darrell Issa, R-CA, that “we are deeply  disturbed that the sensitive law enforcement information…has entered the  public realm.”

Issa is leading the investigation into Fast and Furious in the U.S. House of  Representatives.

But according to the Fox News report, Issa made no apology for making public  the leak and instead declared that this is the type of information that his  committee has been seeking and that the Obama Administration has been hiding.

Notice! At my blog at The Liberty Sphere today I present an in depth  personal conservative manifesto delineating the acute danger America faces at  this hour. It is a dire warning to the serious reader who loves freedom and the  principles handed down to us by the Framers. Don’t miss it.

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Holder plays race card to block Texas voter ID law

Texas Voter Identification Law Blocked by Justice Department as Biased

By Seth Stern via Bloomberg

The Obama administration blocked Texas (BEESTX)’s new law requiring voters to show government-issued photo identification at the polls, escalating a partisan dispute over voting restrictions.

The U.S. Justice Department used its power under the Voting Rights Act to halt the Texas law, saying in a letter to the state today that the measure may disproportionately harm Hispanics. The department in December blocked a similar law in South Carolina (NFSESC).

Democrats have objected to the voter ID laws as impediments to minority voting while Republicans have said they protect the integrity of elections. Republican officials in Texas, one of eight states that passed voter identification laws last year, said the administration has no valid reason to challenge the measure.

“Their denial is yet another example of the Obama administration’s continuing and pervasive federal overreach,”Texas Governor Rick Perry said in a statement.

The Justice Department’s decision isn’t final. Texas and South Carolina have filed suit in federal court in Washington seeking permission to enforce their photo ID requirements.

Before blocking South Carolina’s law, the last time the Justice Department challenged a state voter identification measure under the Voting Rights Act was in 1994.

History Binds States

Texas and South Carolina are among 16 states or portions of states that must obtain permission from the Justice Department or a federal court in Washington before redrawing their district lines or changing election procedures because of a history of voting rights violations.

Hispanic registered voters in Texas are 47 percent to 120 percent more likely to lack the required identification than non-Hispanic voters, the Justice Department said in its letter. Texas has 12.9 million registered voters of whom 2.81 million are Hispanic.

“Even using the data most favorable to the state, Hispanics disproportionately lack either a driver’s license or a personal identification card,” Thomas Perez, head of the Justice Department’s civil rights division, wrote in the letter to Keith Ingram, the director of elections for the Texas Secretary of State.

The Voting Rights Act puts the burden on Texas to prove its law wouldn’t interfere with minorities’ ability to vote.

‘Federal Overreach’

Representative Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican and chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said in a statement that the Justice Department’s action is an example of the administration’s “abuse of executive authority.”

The American Civil Liberties Union supports the administration’s efforts to block the laws.

“It’s a good sign that the Department of Justice is stepping into the jurisdictions where it can to stop these laws in their tracks,” said Nancy Abudu, a senior staff attorney with the ACLU’s Voting Rights Project in Atlanta,

Under the Texas law signed last year by Perry, voters who arrive at the polls without one of seven acceptable forms of photo IDs issued by the state or federal government, including concealed carry handgun permits, would be given a provisional ballot, according to the Texas Secretary of State’s website.

Those ballots would count only if voters bring an approved ID to the registrar’s office within six days of the election.

‘Minor Inconveniences’

The law exempts mail-in ballots and voters with significant disabilities or religious objections to being photographed.

The law’s requirements “entail minor inconveniences on exercising the right to vote,” Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said in his court filing on Jan. 24.

The photo ID law would disproportionately affect poor and minority voters, who are least likely to have any of the required forms of identification or the documentation needed to obtain one, said Luis Figueroa, a San Antonio, Texas-based legislative staff attorney with the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. It also would hurt students because college or university IDs would not be accepted, Figueroa said.

The photo ID requirement could suppress minority turnout by three percent to five percent in Harris County, where Houston is located, and give Republicans an edge in local elections, said Carroll Robinson, a professor at Texas Southern University in Houston and a former city council member.

Election Integrity

“We’re going to disenfranchise significant numbers of minority voters as they become more and more the majority in Texas,” Robinson said.

Patricia Harless, a Republican state representative, said concerns among constituents about “the integrity of elections”rather than possible partisan advantage explains why she sponsored the voter ID measure last year. The law reduces the possibility of fraud, she said.

Lawmakers excluded student IDs because “we wanted a form of identification that was easily recognized by the poll workers at the election site,” Harless said.

Voters 65 and older automatically qualify to cast ballots by mail, which requires no ID, and the state will provide free voter identification cards.

“We worked really hard to make sure we met the constitutional requirements,” Harless said.

Lacking State ID

The Obama administration blocked South Carolina’s law in December after concluding minorities in the state are almost 20 percent more likely to lack state-issued identification than white registered voters.

The Justice Department asked for similar statistics from Texas, which said it doesn’t collect the kind of racial data needed to accurately determine how many of the state’s registered voters don’t have a driver’s license or state ID card are black or Hispanic. Texas provided data based on Hispanic surnames and no data on the impact on black voters, according to the Justice Department.

Jasmine Price, a sophomore at Prairie View A&M University, a historically black college 30 miles from Houston, said the law would make it harder for her to vote in person in Texas, as she’d prefer, rather than by absentee ballot in her home state, Arkansas.

Price, 19, said if the law takes effect, she’ll try to find the time in between a full course load and three shifts a week as a manager at a Houston sporting goods store to drive seven miles from campus to the nearest state Department of Public Safety office that issues IDs.

Literacy Tests

“My forefathers had it even harder to vote — they had to pass literacy tests — but they made sure they did what they had to do so that their vote could count,” said Price, who is black. “So if they say I have to go to the DPS office, as much as an inconvenience as it is to go there, that’s what I’m going to do.”

Alabama, where the voter ID law is not scheduled to go into effect until 2014, and Mississippi, where lawmakers haven’t adopted legislation to implement a citizen initiative approving a similar requirement, would also have to obtain Justice Department or federal court approval.

In Wisconsin, which doesn’t need to obtain the same kind of advance approval under federal law as Texas does, two state judges have temporarily blocked a voter ID requirement.

The latest ruling today in a challenge by the League of Women Voters came six days after a second judge ruled in a separate suit by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People against Governor Scott Walker.

To contact the reporter on this story: Seth Stern in Washington at

Holder – A Hostile Witness?

Posted by Marcia Wood on Tea Party Nation

How do we remove Holder from office, although much of this information is repetitious Holder is getting away with murder!

It looks like Eric Holder does in fact knows how to step above the law and get off scot free from his personal involvement with the Fast and Furious operation. Eric’s first move to hold Darrell Issa and Chuck Grassley at bay was to start a DOJ investigation into the gun operation. Obama & Napolitano would describe this as a brilliant move since the heat in the kitchen was getting too hot for them.

Here’s what Eric did he gave Justice Department Inspector General Cynthia Schnedar her marching orders and told her to begin an investigation of possible wrongdoing in Operation Fast and Furious. Eric had one thing in mind – by ordering this investigation he could pick and choose what questions he would or wouldn’t answer when under oath. He avoided the legal necessity of providing documentation, because as he says the DOJ has an ongoing investigation at the same time.

We’ve suffered through the Holder “cat and mouse” game for over a year now and from all appearances he’s about to walk free as a bird. He’s protected himself with a legal gimmick that seems to be working – the fact that DOJ is doing their independent investigation has allowed him to black out the body of emails requested by Issa and Grassley. Each time he’s testifies under oath about the Fast and Furious operation has been nothing but an elaborate bunch of legal theatrics reminiscent of the movie Chicago.

Although, it’s been proven that Holder has lied under oath, that doesn’t seem to expedite Issa’s investigation; in fact it just delays proceedings. We’re actually witnessing those who are involved with this illegal operation getting one after another “get out of jail” free card.

Holder will testify one more time on February 2, 2012 and at this time there’s no reason to belief that he will be anything but a hostile witness. There are certain facts that are true and can be verified on the Department of Justice and CBS websites.

a. Obama specifically funded 10,000,000 to the Fast and Furious operation in 2009.

b. Holder and Napolitano met with Mexican authorities and elaborated on the operation in April 2009.

c. Holder was the one orchestration the operation and discussed publicly how he would enlarge the operation.

d. Napolitano & Holder ironed out the details of the operation as a team

e. When Issa & Grassley started the investigation into the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation, Holder and ATF removed the key people involved at ATF shuffling them off to Washington D.C. where they could be observed. Each one was assigned a new title and some received some perks.

f. CBS posted memos showing that Eric Holder was aware and involved of the operation. Here is the CBS site:…

g. Holder and Napolitano lied under oath h. AIG warned Holder, the ATF, DHS of the many problems with the operation in 2010 Information as to time and events:…

There’s more to this story, but this is enough to demonstrate the uncanny way Holder remains the Attorney General of our USA even though he was a key player along with Obama in an attempt to take our gun rights away. One person funded the Operation (Obama,) Two people orchestrated the gunrunner operation (Holder and Napolitano) and ATF and DHS followed the directives from Holder putting the operation in full swing. Hundreds killed no one is responsible.

The Office of the Inspector General has a completed full report on their findings of the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation. The question is this – did the OIG share their findings with Holder, the DOJ, ATF and DHS in advance allowing them to get all of their “ducks in a row?” Will the OIG report come out before Holder testifies on February 2, 2012?

Did Eric Holder manage to sweep everything under the rug? What have we become – a Nation of corruption and murder or will the laws of our land prevail? Only time will tell, but we’re all accountable for the deaths of two of our Border Agents and hundreds of Mexican men, women and children and we must insist that those who are responsible be placed behind bars. Holder needs to be the first one in line to be removed from his position.

May God Bless Our Nation As Always, Little Tboca

Eric Holder Announces Opposition to Election Integrity Laws

By J. Christian Adams

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On Tuesday night, I spoke in Austin, Texas, at a rally organized by True the Vote.  It took place on the grounds of the LBJ Library on the campus of the University of Texas.  The rally was in response to Eric Holder’s announcement at the same place two hours later of a concerted Justice Department effort to oppose virtually every electoral integrity measure promoted by Constitutional conservatives and Republicans.

Holder’s announcement will have profound partisan results in the 2012 election because of his professed unwillingness to enforce laws to prevent voter fraud.  Indeed, tonight he made clear his opposition to these laws, such as voter ID and even the requirement to register to vote in advance of an election.

Holder announced broad opposition to voter identification requirements and a ramped up effort to enforce voting registration laws in welfare agencies.  He didn’t make any announcements about enforcing Section 8 of Motor Voter to ensure dead people don’t populate the roles.  He also said that voter fraud “isn’t a huge problem,” perhaps marking the first time the nation’s chief law enforcement downplayed criminal behavior.  Of course that is in vogue in this administration, starting with the New Black Panther dismissal and now with Fast and Furious.

In opposition to Holder, I spoke, as did a group of inspiring patriots starting with Catherine Englebrecht of True the Vote.  Anita Moncrief, Reverend C. L. Bryan, George Rodriguez (head of the San Antonio Tea Party) and Adryana Boyne, national director of VOCES Action followed.  Boyne’s speech defending Texas voter ID may be the first time I heard the policy defended in Spanish.  Moncrief, though, had the line of the night — that “Al Sharpton has a platinum race card.”

Holder laid down markers which will excite his base and disturb law abiding citizens.  He supported restrictions on political speech which will criminalize campaign falsehoods.  He vowed hyper-scrutiny of voter integrity laws such as voter ID and vowed to run states like Texas through a nasty gauntlet on redistricting.  If this doesn’t send a signal to Texas and South Carolina to pull their voter ID laws out of Justice and go to court, nothing else will.  Also in attendance was Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez, a starring character in my book Injustice.

Holder brought along his puppy, Charlie Savage of the New York Times, from whom we can expect glowing sycophantic coverage of Holder’s announcement at any minute at the New York Times website.  Savage is the same reporter who covered purported politicization at the Bush Justice Department.  For this he won a Pulitzer Prize.

PJ Media’s Every Single One series reported on the same story Savage did, except this time on the 113 attorney hires by the Obama Civil Rights Division.  Savage only covered a handful of Bush hires — he had to, otherwise his story wouldn’t work because the Bush DOJ hired scores of liberal activist lawyers.  But the Obama Justice Department gives no quarter to the enemy in hiring, and hired 113 leftists out of 113 openings.  I described in my book Injustice how PJ Media had to sue Eric Holder to extract this information:

During the Bush era, DOJ leaders quickly fulfilled FOIA requests. For instance, in 2006 Charlie Savage, then at the Boston Globe, requested all the resumes of the recently hired attorneys in the Bush Civil Rights Division. The DOJ leadership produced the materials within days, well ahead of the legal deadline—they acted so fast, in fact, that some colleagues and I complained they were rushing. Suspecting we were being set up for a leftwing smear campaign, we urged DOJ officials to protect our privacy while fully complying with the requests. But our concerns were ignored and the information was rushed out anyway, resulting in a slew of slanderous media stories, some attacking us in extremely personal ways, followed by curious questions from our family members about why we were in the news. There was a particularly merciless leftist blogosphere attack on a pair of attorneys who happened to be two of the hardest working and most dedicated lawyers in the entire Voting Section.

After PJ Media obtained the Obama hiring information, Savage, ever the cuddly puppy, wrote a puff piece about the Obama hiring practices.  Gone was his outrage over politicized hiring that he exhibited at the Boston Globe for the Bush DOJ.  That’s what PJ Media is for – reporting on stories the dying dead trees media won’t. Given the scope of the Every Single One series, perhaps PJ Media deserves a Pulitzer too.  If Charlie got one, PJ Media certainly should.  Stay tuned.


Eric Holder Lied

By little tboca

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The DOJ, OIG, ATF all know about the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner operation. During an intense investigation by Darrell Issa’s team (House Oversight and Government Reform Committee) yesterday no one asked the 64 dollar question, “Who was in charge of the project gunrunner?” Eric Holder has stonewalled the ongoing investigation for almost a year now – Darrell Issa and Senator Grassley have caught him in lies and yet he appears to be above the laws of our land because he totes a pocket full of “get out of jail free” cards. Today he tried a new ploy saying, the DOJ had never lied – now that statement my friends is up for grabs.

Eric Holder’s testimony today was a replay of how he keeps kicking the can down the road; he’s been kicking it for so many months that we’re all weary of hearing him testify. Today Holder admitted under oath that he hasn’t handed over all requested documents; he also admitted many have and will be harmed from the guns that walked across our border into the hands of the Mexican drug cartel. But in a scramble to cover his backside, Holder had the Justice Department request that information on a letter last February 2011 be disregarded because it had inaccurate information concerning the Fast and Furious Gunrunner operation. How sweet it is that the DOJ can lie and then weasel out of their written testimony if and when they are so inclined!

In May 3rd, 2011 under oath, Holder responded to the question, “When did you first know about the Fast and Furious operation?” Holder said,” he guessed over the last few weeks.” This was a blatant lie as you’ll see in the remaining information of this article.

Holder knew about the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner operation early on in 2009. He received money for the program and bragged about the Fast and Furious gunrunner program in a speech on April 2, 2009 in Cuernavaca, Mexico to Mexican authorities. Here’s a portion of the speech or go to the URL below for the speech in its entirety.

Last week, our administration launched a major new effort to break the backs of the cartels. My department is committing 100 new ATF personnel to the Southwest border in the next 100 days to supplement our ongoing Project Gunrunner, DEA is adding 16 new positions on the border, as well as mobile enforcement teams, and the FBI is creating a new intelligence group focusing on kidnapping and extortion. DHS is making similar commitments, as Secretary Napolitano will detail.”

The OIG (Office of the Inspector General) knew about the gunrunner program and gave everyone a heads up as verified in their report October 2010 thru March 2011. Here’s a portion of the OIG’s report. This report is on the DOJ website – just do a search for Fast and Furious gunrunner. Here’s what the OIG stated in their written report prior to the murder of Brain Terry.

“In addition to our ongoing review of Operation Fast and Furious, in November 2010 we completed a review of ATF’s overall management of Project Gunrunner. Our review found poor coordination and collaboration, and inadequate information sharing between ATF and other Department components, and between ATF and units of the Mexican government. “OIG offered 15 recommendations.”

In 2009, Obama funded 10,000,000 to Holder for this program H.R. 1 – 16. Here is the exact wording in the bill: 10,000,000 shall be transferred to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, salaries and expenses for the ATF Project Gunrunner.

The Obama, the DOJ and ATF have played a dangerous chess game of cat and mouse in one of the most deadly and corrupt operations in our Nation’s history. Brian Terry (Border Agent) and Jaime Zapata (U.S. Special Agent) have been murdered along with 100’s of Mexican men, women and children. Yet, Obama, Holder, the DOJ and ATF deny any wrong doing and no one seems to be accountable.

What we do know, in 2009 Obama deliberately used 10,000,000 of our stimulus money specifying that it go to the “Fast and Furious” operation. Eric Holder bragged about the money and Fast and Furious operation in 2009 in his speech at Cuernavaca, Mexico. The “top dogs” at ATF have mysteriously either received promotions or were assigned new cushy jobs in DC in an attempt to cover Holder’s tracks.

Darrell Issa said they’ve made a crisis, meaning the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner operation to attack our 2nd Amendment and restrict our gun rights. So far the whistle blowers are the ones who have suffered and been punished; they fear for their lives and their families’ safety.

Two questions remain, (1) Why is Eric Holder still in office and (2) Who are the responsible person or persons in charge of the gunrunner operation?

May God Bless Our Nation